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The LELO Smart Bead – Reach Your Full Orgasm Potential

This week, LELO has released an entirely new product, the LELO Smart Bead™. Why? Well, riddle me this: is your orgasmic glass half full, or half empty? And if it’s half empty, would you be prepared to spend 5 pleasurable minutes a day for a lifetime of better orgasmic bliss?

Over 5 years, we’ve been collecting anonymous data through our Global Sex Survey and customer questionnaires, and some of the results are incredibly positive. Unfortunately, some of them reveal that, when it comes to orgasms, not everyone’s always happy all the time.

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Stat Attack!

Our survey – one of the biggest of its kind anywhere in the world – reveals the following information.

  • 76% of women claim their orgasm wave lasts less than six seconds
  • 11% of women have never experienced what they would describe as a climax
  • Only 4% of women are ‘Fully satisfied’ with the strength of their orgasms
  • Only 17% of women regularly experience multiple orgasms
  • 33% of women believe they have never had a multiple orgasm

There is a wide gap, apparently, between the kind of orgasms women are having, and the kind of orgasms they want to have. During the development of the LELO Smart Bead™, we’ve come to call this gap the Orgasm Vs Orgasmic-Potential gap, and our latest pleasure product is designed specifically to bridge it. It’s designed to help all women everywhere fulfill their orgasm potential and enjoy consistently longer, stronger orgasms, because everyone can and should be enjoying more powerful climaxes – especially when we’ve made it as fun, pleasurable, easy and effective as this.

LELO smart bead

The LELO Smart Bead™ is quite simply the most intelligent personal orgasm trainer in the world. This is a product rooted in technology but with its heart and soul in pleasure, the perfect blend of science and satisfaction.

What Is It?

The LELO Smart Bead™ is, on the surface at least, a vibrating love egg. Only it isn’t, it’s SO much more than that. It’s a pleasure trainer that designs an intimate workout routine tailored to suit you based on your personal orgasm potential, and then guides you through the routine, rewarding you with pleasurable vibrations as you enhance your orgasmic strength.

What Does It Do?

It responds to your body and encourages you to use the ‘Squeeze & Relax’ technique. The first time you use it, the LELO Smart Bead™ will measure your orgasm potential as you squeeze around it.

Then it will create a workout routine for you, each routine lasting around 6 minutes or so. Every time it vibrates, you squeeze, and relax when the vibration stops. The Smart Bead™ constantly uses its touch-sensors to constantly monitor your intimate strength, adjusting the program accordingly.

What It Does For You

In no time at all, you’ll find your pleasure becoming more intense and your orgasms easier and more powerful. You’ll begin to fulfill your orgasmic potential with the deepest, most extreme climaxes of your life, and perhaps most excitingly, your existing LELO pleasure products will all feel more pleasurable than ever before.

What are People Saying?

Here’s what acclaimed sex expert and writer Jessica Howe has to say:

Women today are insatiably curious how to fulfill our sexual potential. We want to discover how to orgasm more frequently and more strongly – and to do that, we need to keep in shape. Your vaginal muscles are like any other part of your body: they need exercise to perform at their best.

LELO Smart Bead™ was developed with real people and sex experts. Here’s their feedback, after living with it for a number of weeks. (Names changed to protect anonymity.)

Dr Ian Kerner, Sexual health expert and Author of  “She Comes First” said:

It’s well-known by now that Kegel exercising aids not only shorten the length of time needed to reach orgasm, but also increase its intensity and duration. A vibration-guided routine such as the one LELO is offering will help women focus on exercising in the correct way, and they will reap fantastic rewards as a result.

Michelle & Dan, 32 & 34, Ruislip, UK

Michelle says:

Following childbirth I was keen to reenter the world of sex gently. We were approached by LELO three months ago to help them develop a product that responded to my body and helped me condition my muscles back to sensitivity. All I can say is, ‘it worked’.

Dan says:

We always had a very sexual relationship before the birth of our first child. We enjoyed each other and wanted that intimacy back. So we happily accepted LELO’s invitation, and made the pleasure training part of our foreplay, part of our own sexual routine. Our lovemaking is not just back to the way it was – it’s better.