No ordinary library visit

No ordinary library visit . . . An Erotic Story

The local library struggled with online competition, e.g. mobile phones – not a rapid decline, but one that might be described as a slow death. Declining overall numbers, regulars dying out, under-funding. Jane, this being her first job, had worked there since gaining her degree ten years ago now. Bright, attractive, curvy proportions, pert lips, lovely ass – well, drop dead gorgeous really, a tad over 40, no midlife crisis on the horizon. For her, life was good but uninspiring, okay, often mundane – nothing more. Being with Gerry, her partner of many years, tended to make her increasingly unadventurous, skip preliminaries, a bit lazy even. Jane’s attitude, by and large, was to just jog along, you know, go with the flow. Nothing wrong with it if it suited both partners but frustrating if exploration was your thing – even if you were unaware at the time – and Jane was about to find our that exploration was definitely her thing.

“Just to renew these please”, Justen asked as he approached Jane’s counter. She looked up, almost surprised that it was a real person, alive, waiting to be attended to! “Looking for anything special?” She asked, looking him up and down discretely. “Could be,” Justen replied, “a good range of options available, I hope?” – Jane, twigging immediately the double entendre, tried to disguise both the smile on her face and the twinkle in her eye – the twinkle, Justen copped immediately, realizing that the way he’d asked and similarly, her reply, was actually encouragingly positive – a bit flirty eve. Pointing to the racking over to her left Jane added, “Any problem finding what you’re looking for, pop back – here to help, I’m sure we’ll be able to sort you out.”

Most unlike Justen – in terms of his unadventurous choice of genre, war, politics etc. – he thumbed through the autobiography section and came across a fictional Hollywood novel, presumably returned to the wrong section. Embarrassingly, Justen picked up the book and sought to locate its true home when he heard a voice, “Great choice, be sure to read chapter four.” Did Justen interpret this correctly, did Jane really say that – and with the intonation that he’d processed it as? Was he mistaken – being an old fart? – Probably both, he mused to himself.

Jane came over, her top button was now undone – her beautiful face emphasized with fresh eye-shadow, lush looking red lipstick – his trousers grew tight. She brushed against him lightly, but surely that was an accident. Yes, he pondered and glanced into her eyes, but what met him there was evidence to the contrary. Stumbling over his words, he managed to ask her, “How long can I have the book for?” Which invited her quick reply of, “If you’re like most people who’ve read it,  once you’ve started, you won’t be able to put it down!” Justen, struggling to process what was going on, decided it was a bloke thing, you know, cock over mind syndrome. Whatever label it had, it certainly was a stirring experience! Jane, clocking his obvious shape and face change, glanced instantaneously at both – her knowing smile sent Justen into oh-my-god-mode, dare I, should I, do I want to . . . You bet I bloody do mode? Looking into her eager eyes, he gently lifted her head, aligned their lips and leaned in giving what can only be described as an out-of-this-world erotic experience. He whispered, “What if someone comes?”… “Shoosh”, Jane replied placing her index finger vertically from mid chin to nose top, “No-one will know, it’s lunchtime!” A somewhat appropriate comment which surely encouraged him to immediately part Jane’s legs before beginning the slow climb north towards her panties. Running his hand along the contours of her v-shape, Justen was greeted with an eager-to-be-invaded juicy muff. Jane’s breathing, now spasmodic, shallow, and wonderfully sexy, gave way to a near silent gasp as he slowly tugged one side of her panties to the side, allowing him to gently slip two fingers inside her. Clearly not enough, Jane widened her legs and arched her back, pushing forward to welcome both his fingers and hand, “Yes, Yes; more please, another two, faster, keep going, keep going, yes,” matching her hip thrust to coincide with his now, very moist fingers, “Oh God, Oh Yes, yes please” Her body tightened, ecstasy beckoned, she swiveled her hips – her womanly juices now in full flow; released to Jane’s obvious delight – and Justen’s pleasure. They stood motionless for what seemed like an age before – now fully composed, she dutifully removed her panties before returning to her station casually asking him, “Can you sign this “Keep Library Open petition please?”, “No problem, luv,” smiling, Justen added, “See you in a couple of weeks, hopefully”. He returned to his car reflecting, analyzing the invigorating effect of a completely unplanned spontaneous finger-fuck which definitely re-awakened his sexual imagination, the old brainbox slipping into overdrive mode – thinking, “If only would my lovely, but bed-boring wife, enjoy role-playing – as Jane . . . ?”

Back home, itching for the clock to strike 10 pm, Sophie, Justen’s wife’s decided it was time for bed. She’d prepared the teacups for the morning, locked the conservatory door before chirping up a “See you later, I’m having a shower, busy day tomorrow” quote that was the Sunday night norm. Listening to her footsteps, bath running, Justen decided – in his imagination – to play out a role-play – him playing Justen, Sophie playing Jane – excitedly he messaged her, writing, “Had an erotic session at the library this morning – want to hear about it?” He had to repeat it a couple of times before she answered, “Oh, go on then”? Several supporting texts were exchanged, the final one of Sophie asking, “What happened then, what did you sign, what petition? – No, what?” Her voice increasingly exasperated, agitated, “You’ll have to phone me . . . I can’t follow . . . after about a minute of Justen verbally re-telling the story, he then asked, “Want to know what happened next?” Follwed by her “Yes, yes, go on then!” On hearing her trot across the landing to their bedroom, he asked, teasingly, “Are you enjoying it then?”.. . “Yes darling, just get on with it,” Was her impatient reply, “Well, just after she brushed against me, we had a long passionate kiss and I then . . .”  “Honey, Get up here now, NOW, and I do mean NOW – I want you, I want to feel your rock-hard cock . . . to fuck me fast, fuck me passionately, then slow and sexy”. Not quite believing his ears Justen asked facetiously, “Don’t you want to hear the end?” But that was met with just another “Hurry up, just get up here NOW! Don’t tell me any more, WE’RE improvising the end of the story, I’m ready, don’t be long.”

Needless to say, they had the best sex they’d had in months – even a long overdue surprise glory-hole treat! Justen, still convinced to this day, that his loving wife Sophie thought he’d made the whole story up! Who said passion, sex, and lust can’t be rekindled?

The following morning Sophie, reflecting on their night of passion commented, sardonically, “Maybe, I’d better accompany you on your next library visit? Justen, what do you think?”