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Review Round-up: LELO MONA 2

Review Roundup Mona 2

Elegant and beautifully contoured to deliver intensely satisfying G-spot stimulation, MONA 2 is the sensationally upgraded version of our popular full-feeling vibrator.

But it looks like we’re not the only ones impressed by the 100% increase in power, full waterproof versatility and sleek, ergonomic design.

Let’s see what the world has to say about why this revamped beauty is causing such a buzz.

(Note: Some links may be considered NSFW!)


Heyepiphora – Review: Mona 2“It is so rare for a toy be just as good internally as it is externally. That a toy be so truly versatile, yet not have some ridiculous quirk that ruins all my positive feelings. This may be the first time in history I wish I owned two of the same toy… That, right there — yes, that is love.”

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Unbound Box – Have You Met Mona 2?“The form lines up effortlessly with my G-spot, barely requiring any adjustment. This isn’t the kind of vibrator that’s going to make you injure your wrist trying to make it work for you–it’s incredibly ergonomic.”

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sblog2Sex.com/news reviews LELO Mona 2“If your special lady friend has a birthday coming up or if you and your partner are looking to accessorize your sex life this summer, you got to try the Mona 2.”

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Shannakatz – Toy Review: LELO Mona 2 “Like most of the Lelo line, this toy packs power, and has a variety of power levels, as well as types of settings. Whether you are newer to toys, or want something that has more of a hardcore power level, this toy has all of the options.”

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