Review Roundup: LELO ELISE 2

A classic, full-bodied vibe that will leave your entire body enveloped in pleasure, ELISE 2, the upgraded version of a timeless LELO favorite, has reviewers worldwide vocalizing praise both in and out of the bedroom for fans of G-spot vibrators.

Here we have rounded up some of our favorite product reviews of ELISE 2 from some of our favorite coital connoisseurs for your perusing pleasure – enjoy!

(Note: Some links may be considered NSFW!)

LELO ELISE Product Review



“The ELISE 2 is the first vibrator to compel me to want to take my time and experience all of the pulsation, escalation, and vibration settings it offers.”

“When I am testing out a toy that I will review, I go through all of the settings and try to find something to enjoy in at least some of them. Ultimately, however, I still always wind up at the most intense, consistent vibration setting. While I did this with the Elise 2, purely out of habit, because of the deep, throbbing, and intense vibrations I felt when using it internally, I really wanted to experience it starting with the lowest settings, going through all of the modes, and finding out where it took me. It was an exceptionally rare feeling for me, almost unfathomable, and a fabulous testament to the Elise 2 in itself.”


LELO ELISE 2 Vibrator Review

“Like it? I absolutely loved it. The Elise feels unique, different from other vibrators I had tried before it. (And I have tried plenty.) Most vibrators vary in sensation, either feeling deep or shallow, weak or strong, but still, they generally just vibrate. The Elise however, adds a new sensation, one that I have not experienced before from a vibrator and it feels fantastic.”

“It worked so well that I could have sworn that I could feel the Elise swell and relax in my hand. It is bizarre, it is fascinating and it feels absolutely divine. ”

LELO ELISE 2 Reviews Unboxed


Product Review of LELO ELISE 2

“The resulting orgasm, on the other hand, was a surreal and incredibly appealing experience. It like riding a lazy river with a built in wave machine: It started off incredibly gentle, with appealing lulls and mellow muscle contractions then, all of a sudden, WHOOSH! A wave of pleasure struck me and my orgasm was in full, swelling swing. Then, almost as suddenly as it arrived, the strong muscle contractions faded back into a gentler orgasm which I enjoyed for a pleasantly long time, while also feeling slightly bewildered by it all.”

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Review of the ELISE 2 by LELO

“There were two [settings] I really enjoyed, with the power centered in the shaft. One seemed to power up at the tip and fade downward, the other vibrated very low and heavy in the tip.”

“Since this is an equal opportunity sex toy household, my partner tried it as well. He said he really likes the finish and texture, went in very easy and very smooth. He notes that the powerful motor is a plus, and says the curve nicely hits his prostat

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Written by: Katy Thorn

Katy Thorn
Katy Thorn is a post-grad writer with a passion for writing about sex, sexuality, and all things rated R. She received her degree in Women’s Studies with a focus in Intersectionality at the University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!). She has a cat named Yoko, drinks too much black coffee, and hates writing bios.


  1. I tried elise 2 a couple of times so far and I can really tell the difference in the intensity of vibrations between elise and other vibrators

  2. This vibrator is my favourite one. It helps me reach unimaginable orgasms each night 😉

  3. My personal favourite out of all lelo products

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