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All the latest news from the weird, wild and wonderful world of sex.

International Sex Toy Day

We Want to Wish You a VERY Happy International Sex Toy Day!

When you’re the biggest name in pleasure, celebrating International Sex Toy Day is a no brainer – but how best make sure that your November 4th makes a …

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Top 5 Movie Scenes with Vibrators

Putting the ‘Wood’ in Hollywood: Top 5 Movie Scenes with Vibrators

October is National Movie Month, and while we’ve already shared out sexiest cinematic obsessions with movies that get us all hot and bothered, we thought we’d focus instead …

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Let’s Hear it for the Bi: 10 Myths About Bisexuality that Need to End

September is Bi-Visibility Month, culminating in a September 23rd celebration where all the good bisexual men and women eagerly await a Freddy Mercury-filled dream… Well, not exactly. This …

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It’s Time to Go Topless

We know what you think, but we’ll stop you right there – you’re only half correct. Let us show you how going topless this summer can do more …

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Get Hot & Bothered on International Orgasm Day

For us at LELO, orgasm is an experience of physical and spiritual joy that we think everyone should enjoy, so when July 31st rolls around, it’s almost like …

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World BDSM Day – Whipping Your July into Shape

Few people know it, but July 24th is World BDSM Day! A day where all (consensual) hits are allowed and which owes its existence to a very famous …

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Aphrodite in the Name of Love – A Truly Personalized (Visual) Pleasure

We take personal pleasure incredibly seriously, which is why we are seriously tickled by  artist Paul Pickersgill’s  latest show, Aphrodite in the Name of Love. If you were …

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Have Your Cake and Eat it Too This Cunnilingus Day

We’ve all heard of ‘Steak and Blowjob Day’, ‘Holy Shit Your Pecs and Penis Got Bigger Day’, and even ‘Man-vember Day’ – but April 14 is bringing something …

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LELO Predicts the 5 Top Sex Trends of 2018

In 2016, taking information from  , I predicted that the sexual trends of 2017 would include more willingness to explore prostate pleasure, better understanding of complex relationship dynamics …

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5 Unexpected Scenes in the 50 Shades Freed Movie

Like most sensible people on this good earth, we haven’t read the third installment of the 50 Shades series. No one has. So here are 5 scenes from …

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