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All the latest news from the weird, wild and wonderful world of sex.

Technolove - 5 Ways Technology is Changing Our Sex Lives

Technolove: 5 Ways Technology is Changing Our Sex Lives

The world is a fast-changing place, and the realm of sex, love, and dating is not any immune to the rapid effects of new technology than any other. ...

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LELO Interviews Erotic Film Director Erika Lust

An Interview with Erotic Film Director Erika Lust

We were honored to speak with Erika Lust, the Swedish erotic film director, screenwriter and producer who has been an instrumental force within the feminist porn movement, as ...

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LELO Interview with Artist Erin M Riley

An Interview with Artist Erin M. Riley

‘Tapesty-weaving’ may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of sexually provocative art work, but Brooklyn artist Erin M. Riley does not ...

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The Fascinating History of Condoms

The Fascinating History of Condoms

The condom as we know it today, strictly regulated and uniformly packed in neat foil squares, may seem like a thoroughly modern invention, yet barrier methods have been ...

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Sex Trends 2016

2016 Comes Out: What Sex Trends Can You Expect for the New Year?

The start of a new year isn’t just the time to cast our mind to the one just past to make resolutions; it’s also the time to look ...

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The Top 5 Sexiest Moans, Groans and Grunts from Wimbledon

It’s no secret that we think athletes are sexy. They’ve got toned bodies, fantastic endurance, they always give 110%…and they aren’t afraid to vocalize their pleasure, erm… rather ...

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5 Amazing Women for International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day! Since 1909, this holiday has sought to celebrate respect, appreciation and love towards women, as well as women’s economic, political, and social ...

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thrifty shades of grey

The Official LELO 50 Shades Movie Review

Well, we’re all E L James’ submissives now, aren’t we? After making more than 200 million billion pounds on the trilogy of books, she now has a trilogy ...

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Is It OK to Like 50 Shades Of Grey?

It’s the question no one seems to know how to answer: is it OK to like 50 Shades of Grey? 50 Shades has suffered widespread condemnation and criticism ...

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sex trends 2

How will sex change in 2015?

Every year, we peer into the swirling depths of our crystal ball to predict what the trends will be in the coming year, based on your feedback in ...

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