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Have you got questions about sex, relationships or LELO products? We’ve got answers!

What it’s REALLY Like Being a Sex Toy Tester for LELO

Wonder what it’s like being a sex toy tester for pleasure company like LELO? One such woman decided to share her thoughts! When asked what it’s like being …

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What is ‘Sex’?

You may have been told that sex is ‘something a man and woman do when they love each other very much,’ but we’re guessing that somewhere in your …

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Dear LELO: My Sex Drive is WAY Lower than My Girlfriend’s

Dear LELO, I’ve got a pretty low sex drive, much lower than my girlfriend’s. Where I am content to have sex once, maybe twice a week, she wants …

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Dear LELO: I Don’t Think I’m Masturbating the ‘Right’ Way

Dear LELO, This is sort of embarrassing, but I don’t really know what else to do. I saved up for ages to buy my first LELO  (a MONA …

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Dear LELO: Is It Normal To Fantasize About Other People?

Dear LELO, Lately, I’ve been finding harder and harder to ‘focus’ during sex. I’m still attracted to my boyfriend, but when we’re in the middle of things, I …

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Dear LELO: How Do I Give a Blow Job to Someone Who is VERY Well-Endowed?

Dear LELO I’ve never had reason to doubt my oral sex skills before, but my current partner is….well, significantly bigger than partners I’ve had before in terms of …

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Dear LELO: Is Sex In Water Safe?

Dear LELO, My friends and I had a discussion recently about whether it is safe to have sex in water (pool, jacuzzi etc.) or not and honestly, not …

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Dildo vs Vibrator

What’s the Difference Between a Dildo and a Vibrator?

As the taboo of talking about sex diminishes year by year, sex literacy grow and grows. However, for every term like safe word, prostate massage or polyamory that …

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Do You Like the Lights On or Off During Sex?

Turned On or Turned Off Survey:How Do You Feel About Lights on During Sex?

When it comes to sex, we all have plenty of little preferences that may be a big deal to us, or completely inconsequential to another, from sex positions, …

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Wellness Q&A: Exploring the Male G-spot

It’s that time of the month to hear from LELO’s Swedish wellbeing experts from Wellness Magazine. For all you ladies and gents who need some clarification on the …

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