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Being newly single can kinda suck, or it can be incredibly and sexually liberating. Explore this singles blog that will give you the knowledge and power to take back your confidence and fulfillment. Embrace the single life and enjoy every moment of it!

Introverts and Sex

introverts and sex

When we hear the word introvert, most of us imagine a person with robot-like social skills. Such extremes, however, are relatively rare, which is exactly what makes them …

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Get Ready for the Quarantine Agers

Quarantine agers

This article was scientifically fact-checked by Human Sexuality expert Dr. Laurie Mintz. We’re in an age of categories. Baby boomers. Millennials. Generation Y. Gen Z. Can we expect …

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Interview With A Male Sex Addict

male sex addict interview

Sex addiction comes with a plethora of negative connotations and preconceived notions. While essences of truth exist in stereotypes, the sex addict archetype of an international playboy with …

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