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Sex Facts

What’s the Difference Between a Dildo and a Vibrator?

Dildo vs Vibrator

As the taboo of talking about sex diminishes year by year, sex literacy grow and grows. However, for every term like safe word, prostate massage or polyamory that …

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9 Myths & Facts about Your Orgasm

Every year, the number of studies proving the physical, emotional, physiological and even societal benefits of sex and orgasms just keep on growing. Nowadays it’s no secret that …

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Faster, Higher, Stronger: The LELO 2016 Olympic Sex Survey

The 2016 Summer Olympics are just a month away and we couldn’t be more eager to witness the action and excitement of the largest international athletic competition there …

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STIs and HEX™: Some Home Truths―and Steps for Change

STIs and HEX™―Some Home Truths and Steps for Change

A well-cut suit, classic red lipstick, trench coats – some things never go out fashion. For other stuff – think flares, shoulder pads and hypercolor t-shirts – consensus …

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The Strangest Sex Laws & Facts in Canada

The United States sure had some crazy laws regarding sex, but what about their neighbors to the North? With a reputation for being polite and friendly, we were …

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The 10 Weirdest Sex World Records – Part 2!

Weirdest Sex World Records Part 2

This is the sequel to a previous article about weird world records of sex — because of course there are more! The world is absolutely chockablock with sex …

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Separating Myths from Facts

No matter if we’re getting it regularly or not, sex, it would seem is a subject that a bewildering number of us just aren’t as clued-up on as …

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Random Sex Facts You Didn’t Know

So you know everything there is to know about sex, do you? You’ve covered all the ins and outs of the ol’ in-and-out? Been around the block so …

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Fact Versus Fiction: Female Masturbation

While we’re certain you’ve been celebrating either way, it might be news to you that May is National Masturbation Month. So in honor of the month of May, …

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The Best Day for Having Sex

Do you plan on giving up smoking? Well start your campaign to quit on a Friday, say scientists who state that willpower is highest on weekends. List your …

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