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Survey: We Want to Hear YOUR Office Holiday Party Stories…

Last year’s office holiday party may seem like a distant memory, but we would like you to cast your mind back to Decembers past for a moment to …

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The Best Orgasm Survey You’ll Ever Take

The best day of the year – National Orgasm Day, of course – is fast approaching, and to mark this glorious day with appropriate gusto, we want to …

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What Matters More: LOVE or LUST? A LELO Survey

Love. Lust. Are they opposites, or are they parts of each other? Is one more important than the other, or do they depend on each other equally? That’s …

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Turned On or Turned Off Survey:How Do You Feel About Lights on During Sex?

Do You Like the Lights On or Off During Sex?

When it comes to sex, we all have plenty of little preferences that may be a big deal to us, or completely inconsequential to another, from sex positions, …

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Faster, Higher, Stronger: The LELO 2016 Olympic Sex Survey

The 2016 Summer Olympics are just a month away and we couldn’t be more eager to witness the action and excitement of the largest international athletic competition there …

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The LELO Unwrapped Sex Survey

LELO Unwrapped Sex Survey

It’s been nearly a month since it was announced that LELO  will be creating the most important advance in condoms in the last 70 years. Since then, we’ve …

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The Bondage Survey Results: BDSM Statistics!

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering ‘what does BDSM actually stand for’, it’s ‘brackets, digits, statistics & math’. That’s not true. BDSM actually stands for ‘bondage, discipline and …

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The LELO Safe Sex Survey

At LELO, we are dedicated to helping people get the most pleasure from their sex life, and to do so it’s impossible to ignore the importance of sexual …

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The Big, Bad BDSM Questionnaire

In 2011, sales of our famous LUNA Beads increased by 200% as a result of the fervor surrounding 50 Shades. We also saw a sharp spike of interest …

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How will sex change in 2015?

Every year, we peer into the swirling depths of our crystal ball to predict what the trends will be in the coming year, based on your feedback in …

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