VIDEO: Vibrators for Voice Therapy

University of Alberta professor David Ley has been showing Canada’s best performing artists a groundbreaking technique that has them singing in a clearer, stronger voice.

Why would we, the world’s leading designers of personal massager be reporting on this, you ask? Because this incredible new method of voice therapy involves one of our finest creations; the ultra-powerful external vibe SIRI, that’s why!

Professor Ley’s voice therapy technique includes using SIRI to massage the vocal cords of actors and singers to reduce vocal tension. This is possible because the frequency emitted by SIRI, which is between 110 and 120 hertz, matches that of the human voice, for massage that doesn’t strain the delicate muscles that allow us the power of speech.

Don’t simply take our word for it however – see the video below, where all is explained about this exciting new massage method!