5 Vibrators Cleverly Disguised for Ultimate Privacy

Psst! You! Yes, you! Want to get in on a little secret? We thought so! 

Naturally, us human beings are all a little curious about knowing things that we shouldn’t. And when we have a dirty little secret that we wouldn’t dare share, we often bask in the pleasure with a smug look on our face. Today, we’re going to tell you about 5 little secrets that are not only deliciously erotic, but also super easy to keep. Fancy a hint? 

cleverly disguised vibrators

Once upon a time, you may have owned a very phallic-shaped vibrator? Yeah, that thing was pretty difficult to hide, wasn’t it? There was absolutely no way of getting around explaining its purpose should someone stumble upon it. Today, however, the aesthetics of the vibrator has changed so much that you could probably hang one up on your wall like art and people would just think it was an abstract piece. OK, maybe not. But whatever floats your boat.

Cutting to the chase… 

5 Vibrators Cleverly Disguised: Your Best Kept Secret!

1. MIA 2


Spontaneity meets discretion with this little number. MIA 2 mimics that of a beautiful pot of lipstick. Store it in your make-up bag, in your handbag, your bedside table, and no one will bat an eyelid. What makes it even more conspicuous is the fact that the USB charger point is hidden. No cables, no fuss. Simply twist the removable cap to reveal your power source.

We love the MIA 2 not only because of its sleek and feminine design, but because it’s been molded so precisely for targeted clitoral stimulation. It has six pleasure settings and is 100% waterproof for a splash of fun. And if you’re not sold as yet, this sexy pleasure product is officially a global best seller!

2. LELO Beads Plus

lelo beads plus

A contact lens case? Stress balls? Marbles? What the heck are these things? None of the above. The LELO Beads Plus are beautifully designed weighted vaginal beads used to train your body for stronger and multiple orgasms. How so? These beads use kinetic vibrations that respond to your body’s movements. In this way, you’ll be able to be more in-tune with your body and recognize the areas that allow you to experience better and more frequent orgasms. 

You know, like Kegel exercises? Yeah, these balls strengthen your pelvic floor, and aid in tons of pleasure. They come in a set of six, all of different weights, allowing you to practice and work your way up, and they’re made of soft silicone. These balls are 100% body safe, 100% waterproof, and 100% pleasurable!

3. ORA 3

Ora 2

Want something that buzzes with delight but doesn’t resemble a vibrator? The ORA 3 looks more like a fancy napkin ring than anything else, tbh. Alas, this pleasure product is an oral sex simulator for those who adore receiving cunnilingusIt uses a combination of vibration patterns to take you all the way to orgasm town. A beautifully-designed circular toy containing a rotating nub that does all the heavy lifting for you! 

No partner? No problem! Enjoy the tongue-like sensation that’s 25% faster, firmer and more precise than the real thing. Want to have your cake and eat it? Yes, ma’am!


LELO Alia Pink

Made with discretion in mind, ALIA is a versatile external intimate massager for solos and couples. Inspired by a gorgeous gem you’d find in a jewelry box, it’s beautiful to behold and beautiful to hold. ALIA is perfect for an all-over body massage, as it comes with different surfaces for different sensations. 

Experiment with six pleasure settings, from smooth to pulsating, and its waterproof capabilities for a play session you’ll never forget. Basically, this lustrous toy has no bounds when it comes to your pleasure.

5. LILY 2

Lily 2

If you’re looking for an adorable vibrator that fits in the palm of your hand and smells amazing… the LILY 2 is going to be your new BFF. This sexy handheld scented massager comes in 3 different scents: Lavender & Manuka Honey, Rose and Wisteria, and Bordeaux & Chocolate. Why the scent? Well, we could all benefit from using a scented sex toy.

It’s been said that our sense of smell is one of the most important senses. It has the ability to induce relaxation, remind us of memories and bring about feelings of love and arousal. Yes, really. The scents that make up LILY 2 have been meticulously chosen based on common aphrodisiacs and relaxing notes. You can be sure that LELO has gone all out to help you create a sexy and memorable experience. And if you’re worried about the scent irritating your bits, no need! It’s been sealed with silicone in such a way that the aroma is long-lasting and your intimate parts are 100% safe.

With that, we bid farewell to the days of hiding penis-shaped dildos and vibrators in a box high up in the closet, and welcome these delightful, elegant and well-disguised secret pleasure products into our lives!

Written by: Helena Lorimer

Helena is a sex-positive freelance copywriter in her early 30’s from Cape Town, South Africa. She’s travelled and lived in various countries in Asia and Europe for almost a decade, and continues to live her dream — traveling the world independently as a copywriter. Having written for various companies and magazines within the industry, she has extensive knowledge in the field of sexual health, the escort industry, and sex toy marketing.

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