marijuana and sex

Marijuana and Sex: Does It Enhance Your Sexual Experience?

Countries throughout the world are slowly but surely legalising weed, be it for personal or medical use. And what was once considered a huge taboo, a bad drug that shouldn’t be used, is now seen as somewhat of a marvel in a multitude of areas. 

And while we love the fact that we have the freedom to choose our own beliefs and actions, we do want to bring to the light the effects that marijuana has on sex. Spoiler alert? They’re good!

Sexual Experiences: What Do Recent Studies Say About Marijuana and Sex?

Two more recent studies conducted confirmed what has actually been discovered some time ago: that weed actually does enhance one’s sexual experience. 

So today, we’re going to be focusing on these two studies; one conducted by the University of British Columbia, and one undergone by St Louis University.

University of British Columbia: How Cannabis Alters Sexual Experience in Men and Women

In this study, 216 men and women talked about how marijuana affected their sexual experiences. In short:

  • 74 percent: increased sensitivity to erotic touch
  • 74 percent: improved sexual satisfaction
  • 70 percent: prompted relaxation and mindfulness during sex
  • 66 percent: boosted the power of their orgasms
  • 59 percent: increased sexual desire
  • 41 percent: mixed reviews with marijuana improving some aspects but not others
  • 39 percent: “marijuana is always sex enhancing”
  • 5 percent: did not like to mix marijuana and sex at all

The researchers concluded that many of the participants were better able to relax during sex when marijuana was involved. They also found that it heightened their sensitivity, increased intense sexual feelings which, in turn, enhanced their intimate experience. 

On the other hand, a small number of participants found that marijuana before sex made them feel sleepy or less focused, decreasing their sexual experience, and some admitted to feeling no effects on sex whatsoever.

St Louis University: The Relationship Between Marijuana Use Prior to Sex and Sexual Function in Women 

In this study, which lasted for one year, 373 women were studied in an attempt to uncover the effects of marijuana on sexual functioning. The key elements included libido, arousal, orgasm, and sexual satisfaction. 

The study was done in-person, at a gynaecologist’s office. Women were asked to fill in an anonymous questionnaire, then placed their results in a locked box to maintain anonymity. The results found that:

  • 34 percent used marijuana before sexual activity
  • It was twice as likely for those who used marijuana frequently before sex to report deeply satisfying orgasms as opposed to those who abstained or rarely used marijuana before sex 
  • Most women who used marijuana before sex reported having an increase in sex drive and a decrease in pain
  • There was no change in lubrication with or without marijuana

And just for good measure, let’s briefly look at other studies focusing on the correlation between marijuana and sex.

Additional Scientific Research on How Marijuana Affects Your Sex Life

A Kansas City study found that two-thirds of participants who used weed before sex experienced increased emotional closeness, sexual pleasure, and satisfaction. The other one-third felt as though marijuana had no effect on their lovemaking or levels of pleasure.

Stanford researchers looked at over 51,000 participants, both men and women, and found varying responses. The main find was that marijuana users were, on average, having sex more times in a month than those who didn’t use marijuana before sex.

With all of this scientific research, the mixed reviews and results are of no surprise, as all individuals experience things differently. However, it does seem to point quite favourably towards smoking weed before sex for more intimacy, increased sexual satisfaction, better orgasms, and increased sensitivity. 

Whether you’re currently smoking and poking, or you’re looking to give it a go, we always recommend doing a lot of research beforehand about the weed you’re buying. And, of course, if weed is illegal in your country, it’s at your own risk to source and use it safely.