Private or Public Orgasms

Private or Public Orgasms: Climax Anywhere, Anytime without Genital Stimulation

Interestingly, just this week one of my girlfriends admitted that she was able to orgasm without touching herself whilst reading erotica. Green with envy, I was made even more aware of just how powerful the mind really is. “What great timing,” I thought, just in time to write this article. 

You see, I was going to mention all of the ways one might be able to climax in public or private, anywhere, anytime with the help of physical stimulation. I had yet to really consider the weird and wonderful effects of mental sexual stimulation so strong, it could induce pleasure anywhere, anytime. 

And with that, I developed a more well-rounded idea about the ins and outs of experiencing an orgasm in public or private, easily and without actual genital stimulation. 

Some may want it or actively try to achieve it, but there are also some who simply cannot control it, and feel ashamed or embarrassed about it. So, let’s start with the basics…

What’s Influencing Your Orgasm?

Inner voice: Do you have a positive or a negative self-talk? Positive self-talk can help induce feelings of relaxation, lack of judgement, and the ability to let go and simply enjoy pleasure. A negative self-talk however can interfere with one’s ability to orgasm, as they become overwhelmed with aspects concerning themselves and their bodies. 

Sexuality: pleasure or no? The way one feels about sexuality can heavily influence their ability to receive pleasure. For example, if one grew up believing that sex was a taboo, they may find it more difficult to climax than someone who grew up with a sex-positive attitude.

Previous trauma: Some people associate sex with a negative experience they may have had in the past, which hinders or prevents them from enjoying sexual activity or reaching climax. Not only that, but if one had grown up in a home that lacked positive reinforcement and love, it may trigger a defense mode when they are exposed to positive or pleasurable experiences.

Control: do you love control or love to lose control? This can make a huge difference in experiencing pleasure. The former could result in one disassociating themselves and disconnecting from their body in order to inhibit feelings of involuntary and pleasurable responses.

Want to Orgasm in Public or Private, without Genital Stimulation? Here’s How…

As already established, some individuals are able to climax without physically touching themselves. These people have the ability to use their strongest sexual organ, the brain, to bring them pleasure. 

And while I do believe I am not one of those people, you may very well be one without even realizing it. So, why not give it a go? 

Stimulate the Mind

A study in fact revealed that women who claimed to be able to climax without physical touch simply by thinking about something sexual really could do it using the power of their minds. Adversely, many women living with sexual dysfunction and/or who were carrying around mental baggage, found it difficult to orgasm when conjuring up erotic images and thoughts. 

Another study conducted by Rutgers University studied Barbara Carrellas, a sexologist, who was asked to think erotic thoughts whilst in an MRI machine. They found that the parts of the brain most active during orgasm began to light up during the study. Meaning, the brain alone appears entirely capable of inducing orgasm without physical stimulation. 

Side note: women have been found to climax from mental thoughts alone much more than men (sorry, guys!).

Techniques to climax mentally, according to Carrellas and Dr Ian Kerner PhD, involve using breath work: “I would encourage people to try to use breath work, concentration and fantasy, but more to enhance their sex life, and less as a means to an end,” says Kerner.

While Carrellas says:

“When we are young, we learn the ‘quiet and quick’ rule – so that we don’t get caught. And the only way to climax that way is to hold your breath. But actually, one can experience much richer, much more satisfying orgasms by breathing deeply, which is one of the techniques she uses to ‘think off.’”

Want to Orgasm Anywhere, Anytime? Try These 6 Mental Exercises 

  • Free your mind of any disturbances or annoyances, negative thoughts, and guilt or shame surrounding sex.
  • Imagine your best fantasy, and play out your erotic thoughts in detail.
  • Think about a sexual encounter you’ve had in the past or imagine a moment where someone made you feel extremely sexually excited. Try to recapture how you felt, where you were, what you were wearing, the sights, sounds, and stimulation.
  • Think about non-erotic thoughts of things that may actually bring you sexual pleasure, such as walking on the beach on a summer’s day.
  • For yoga enthusiasts, think about your chakras moving up and down your spine.
  • Read erotic content, such as erotic fiction, real-life sexual experiences of others, or even write your own erotica based on your fantasies or real-life experiences.

Stimulate the Body

Then, when it comes to the more mainstream ways of getting off, that is by stimulating the body, the possibilities are seemingly limitless. 

This is because everyone’s body is different, and some have the power to orgasm by even the slightest of touches or stimulation. A tickle, a whisper, a rub, or a tug, can send someone over the edge, whether they’re nestled in their own bed or out and about in a public space.

But if you feel as though you’re the type who needs uninterrupted focus, and stimulation on the genitals, there are actually a few techniques that you could try that may aid in an unexpected and beautifully surprising orgasm. And oftentimes, this kind of orgasm too is often associated with the power of the brain.

Want to Orgasm Anywhere, Anytime? Try These 6 Physical Exercises

  • According to a study, “The reason humans have this mystical ability is because the brain is the most powerful sex organ,” says Dr Jessica Shepherd, MD. She also says: “That’s why you could come just by making out and sitting on Sean’s lap after what sounds like literally years of fantasizing about him.” Basically, what Dr Shepherd is saying is that the pent-up sexual energy and art of fantasizing before having physical contact with another, or even yourself, can bring about an orgasm by even the most innocent of touches.
  • Use your workout to ‘get physical’ and experience a coregasm! If one exercises their core whilst activating the pelvic floor, there is a possibility of reaching climax. Try raising your leg using your core to your chest or straight up perpendicular to your core, whilst on your back, and have your arms parallel to the ground. This, according to Lola Jean, a sex educator, is a popular method.
  • While childbirth isn’t exactly sexy, it is an opportunity to release some of the pain and enjoy an orgasm. This is called an “orgasmic birth” and happens when a baby comes down the birth canal. It’s made possible for a number of reasons: first, a baby comes down the same area that things go in, such as intercourse or using an internal sex toy. Second, those experiencing childbirth see a surge in prolactin, beta-endorphins, and oxytocin… all hormones associated with orgasm.
  • If you’re a lover of yoga, you can take your whole-body experience to a new level by using deep breaths and flexing your pelvic muscles. By doing this, the tissue surrounding the G-spot can become engorged, which can lead to a G-spot orgasm.
  • Stimulating your belly button? It’s actually a thing, and has the ability to induce orgasm. When touched, the vagus nerve is being stimulated, which is a branch-like structure connected to the brain and the cervix. Amazingly, this theory was put to the test on women who were paralized from the waist down. While they couldn’t feel sensations in their vulva, they were able to come by stimulating the vagus nerve via the belly button.
  • And last but certainly not least, there’s the magical invention of wearable sex toys and remote-controlled sex toys, such as toys that are inserted into the vagina and stay actively in-place, or vibrating panties. In this way, you can control your best sensations whilst sitting in a coffee shop, lying on the sofa, or even at the cinema. Make it even more thrilling by asking a partner to control the toy. How’s that for a surprise orgasm when you least expect it?

Evidently, there are tons of different ways you can get off without going straight for the genitals. It’s all about being inventive, arousing the brain, and using the power of our bodies to enjoy all the bliss we truly deserve. 

Fancy a public orgasm? There’s nothing wrong with doing yoga or touching our belly buttons, right? And I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve never been interrupted by the thought police whilst daydreaming of something sexy! 

To end off, here are five outlandish stories from the folks over at Reddit who have had a public orgasm… enjoy!

What is The Most Public Orgasm or Surprise Orgasm You Have Ever Had?

“In an exam room. When I get super nervous during exams my vaginal walls start to contract, it’s so fucking weird. I’ve once had about 3 orgasms during a 2 hour exam.” anonymous, Reddit.

“A friend of mine was running a Spartan Race or one similar and said there was an electric field set up and when she ran through that she came almost instantly.” BurroWreck, Reddit.

I have a tendency to sit on this rather hard chair at work when I’m on the till. I sit in such a position that it makes my nethers go numb and dead to all feelings so I don’t always realise it. Like your arm or your leg would. Anyway, one day a customer comes up to me to buy something and I have to stand up of course. You know that tingly feeling you get when you’re trying to get your leg to wake up? Imagine that but within the vicinity of your genitals. It’s not as nice as it sounds but my body didn’t care. I stared at this guy in the face and cried ‘OH!’ but I passed it off as pain, and hopefully not pleasure and carried on with my duty feeling quite embarrassed.” cameforthecomment24, Reddit.

“Physical therapy. Ab machines. Doing crunches. Had an orgasm right there and learned that “coregasms” are 100% a thing and are quite embarrassing.fsr87, Reddit.

“The first roller coaster I ever rode was the Wild Thing at Valleyfair in Minnesota. A surprise orgasm hit me during the first drop. I’ve been an avid roller coaster fan ever since.” Hedica, Reddit.