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Sex Tips & Advice

Enjoy even more incredible intimacy with our collection of sex tips, tricks and fresh ideas.

A Sexy Sting: All About Impact Play

Getting a smack on the bottom or flogged by a trusted partner – is this a turn on for you? Well, it so happens that very many people …

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Lending a Helping Hand: How to Give the Perfect Hand Job

After creating our guide to male masturbation, we heard from several readers wanting more instruction on how to use these common methods on their partner. Handjobs might be …

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Killing Kittens Advice for Great Head

We at LELO are so pleased to welcome Emma Sayle, founder of Killing Kittens, the members-only club that hosts female-oriented sex parties around the world, to the Volonté blog as …

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Orgasms 101: Understanding Climax

From a more fruitful career to increased health and well-being, our motivations for having sex are as varied as the ways we can enjoy it. However no matter …

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Getting Real About the Big ‘O’

One of the main reasons I started Killing Kittens (internationally-known exclusive sex parties) is down to my belief that women deserve to have mind-blowing sex. Sex is fantastic …

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The Etiquette of Airbnb Sex

With the summer holidays naturally comes summer holiday travels, and you’re no doubt looking for some long weekend getaways to far and medium-flung locales. You’re also no doubt …

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How Kinky Are You Quiz

How Kinky Are You? A Sort-of Quiz

Hey, how kinky are you? If your answer is OMG ‘LOLA’ IS AN ALL-TIME BANGER I LOVE THE KINKS then I would say to you first of all; …

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Hot Summer Sex Tips

Hot Tips for Cooler Summer Sex

When the mercury rises at the height of the hottest season, it’s fair to say that sometimes summer lovin’ can get put on the back burner. But don’t …

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The Essentials of Bondage for Beginners

You’ve probably seen bondage in a lot more places than you think, as over the last few decades it has crept its wicked little way into many parts …

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Straight Talk for Straight Guys: Fingering

How do you do, fellow straight guys? I certainly hope you’ve got some board shorts and flip flops on, because here’s a hot take you can sear a …

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