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Male Sex Toys of the Past, Present & Future

Male sex toys

Ever since man showed up on the scene, we have been looking for new & novel ways to get ourselves off. There is a very long history of …

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Penis Facts that Urologists Want You to Know

Penis facts that you should know

Just because you’ve got one doesn’t mean you’re a damned expert. There are some people who’ve studied penises for years; they’re called urologists and you should really listen …

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So Are Blue Balls Like, a Thing or Not?

Blue Balls

Ever since men have had testicles, they have probably used blue balls as a reason to get mercy-laid. Blue balls is explained/described as testicular pain or discomfort resulting …

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Introducing F1s: Get into Pole Position with LELO’s New Male Pleasure Devices

F1s Developers Kit

Attendees of the Venus Berlin Erotic Trade Fair left tire tracks in their rush to get their hands on LELO’s brand new male sextech pleasure concepts, including previews …

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Do’s and Don’ts for Dealing With a Partner’s Impotency

Maybe you’ve been here before. And if you haven’t, then one day you eventually will: you’re fooling around with a guy and you know you’re looking great, smelling …

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Lending a Helping Hand: How to Give the Perfect Hand Job

How to Give the Perfect Hand Job

After creating our guide to male masturbation, we heard from several readers wanting more instruction on how to use these common methods on their partner. Handjobs might be …

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Boy Toys: Dismantling the Stigma Surrounding Masturbation Cups

What’s the big deal about guys using sex toys, particularly male masturbators, cups and sleeves? Well, it depends who you ask. The silence surrounding female masturbation has certainly …

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Are Male Multiple Orgasms Possible?

In the ongoing race between the sexes, we often assume that women get the short end of the stick, given how much more difficult – or at least, …

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Penis Perils: 8 Afflictions to Avoid!

Sensitive souls might like to look away now – particularly if they have a penis. Thing is, there’s a reason some guys call it their ‘crown jewels’: their …

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Sex Toys for Men: The What, Why and How

Sex Toys for Men

Although there may be less of an abundance of sex toys for men as there are for women, that’s not to say that guys shouldn’t give them a …

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