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Wellness Q&A: Exploring the Male G-spot

It’s that time of the month to hear from LELO’s Swedish wellbeing experts from Wellness Magazine. For all you ladies and gents who need some clarification on the male G-spot and the benefits of prostate massaging, let Mathilda from Stockholm’s question spark far more than just your curiosity.



I’m curious about the male anatomy – my boyfriend’s, specifically. I’d like to make our (already very good) sex even better, and it leaves me wondering about the G-spot; do men actually have one?

If yes, where is it, and how can I stimulate it?


If you’re looking for a place on the male anatomy that will guarantee not just a little extra pleasure but an explosively intense experience, look no further than the prostate. Like the G-spot, focused massage on the prostate can result in a sensual experience unlike any other.

It’s a walnut-sized, semen-storing gland located at the base of the penis and when stimulated, the semen within will be released with a very pleasurable effect. Now you must know that the most effective way of stimulating the prostate is through the anus – a daunting proposition for many men.

Once you’re able to convince him that it’s the most effective way to experience what will be the most incredible climax of his life, then it’s time to get started.

The prostate can be massaged by applying gentle but firm pressure to the anterior (front-facing) wall of the rectum.

To take this job literally out of your hands, try using a vibrating prostate massager like LOKI™ Wave; it’s got an ergonomic shape that can be used to comfortably pinpoint the prostate, and it’s made from soft, body-safe and easy-to-clean silicone for added peace of mind. Present it to him to try on his own before giving it a go together. It’ll allow him time to get acquainted with his new friend.

If you’ve got a question for our wellbeing experts, feel free to send them to customercare@lelo.com, or drop us a line on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.


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  1. Hello, I am very new to the Lelo. My doctor told me to spice things up and PRATICE by MYSELF. He told me to by a prostate vibrator so Lelo was the best after searching. He told me to get something like ladies underwear to help so now I am in practice mode? Not sure where to find the prostate with the lay low prostate with the LELO TOY

  2. Help me find it please

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