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Fiction-fanatics, meet your next addiction: our curated collection of scintillating erotic stories, submitted by contributing artists and authors.

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Crescendo – An Erotic Story

Crescendo - Erotic Story

In the following erotic story, two shy violinists realize that their affections for each other are about to drive passions to a crescendo. Read on… Regina loved her …

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Tools – An Erotic Story

Tools - An Erotic Valentine's Day Story

In this erotic story, a young woman is inspired by the scent of roses and a rather unexpected Valentine’s Day celebration. Read on… Angelica pulled her hair up …

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The Big Tip – An Erotic Story

The Big Tip - Erotic Story

In the following erotic fiction, a customer and waitress share a moment over the object of their mutual lust. Read on… Jonah’s coffee was cold; he had purposely …

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Double Seduction – An Erotic Story

Double Seduction - An Erotic Threesome Story

In the following erotic fiction, two men explore a threesome fantasy with their female friend for pleasure that far exceeds the sum of its parts. Read on… Simon …

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The Lady in Red – An Erotic Story of Sensory Deprivation

In the following short erotic story, two people are drawn together by their passion for art and other pleasures of the senses. Read on… Regina could hear the …

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Hogtied – An Erotic Story

In this erotic fiction, a shy playwright offers hands-on direction to a stubborn leading lady on stage and indulges in his ultimate celebrity fantasy. Read on… Vivian Lord …

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Tim & Katy’s First Time Pegging – Erotic Fiction

The following erotic story involves a couple with a shared birthday celebrating with a brand new sensation. Read on… Tim and Katy shared the same birthday. For the …

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When the Power Goes Out – An Erotic Story

In the following free erotic story, a couple must find a way to pass the time when a snow storm knocks out the power… As he flicked aimlessly …

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The Shop Girl – An Erotic Story

In the following erotic story, a shy young man finds out the quiet shop girl from his local bookstore is not nearly as quiet as she seems… Cole …

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Giving Thanks – An Erotic Story of Spanking and Sex

The following short erotic fiction sees a British woman celebrating her first American Thanksgiving by giving thanks to her Dominant boyfriend for a good spanking. Read on… The …

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