Good Morning! Sexts to Start off Your Day

Love and sex in the digital age may be different beasts than they were in days of yore, but that doesn’t mean that written missives of love and affection have completely fallen by the wayside: we still have sexting. Below, we offer ideas for texts that say ‘Good Morning!’ while also really saying it’s going to be a good night.


The Sweet Text

If you have a partner who takes sugar in their coffee, a sweet and tender text can be just the thing to perk them up in the morning.

“Funny how I fell asleep next to you, dreamt of you all night, and woke up thinking of you with a smile on my face.”

“It was so cold this morning! I was looking for something to keep me warm so I thought of you, but now I’m all hot and bothered.”

“Hey, this morning I noticed something I’m really missing in the bedroom. You :)”

“I don’t know what was more amazing, the dream I just had about you or that I get to see you in a few hours.”

The Risqué Text

Now, the degree of subtlety employed here all depends on the tone of your relationship (and perhaps in what environment they’ll be reading them).

 “It was hard to watch you go this morning, but at least I get to watch you come tonight.”

“I had quite the dream last night… I’d tell you about it, but actions speak louder than words.”

“I hardly slept at all last night. I need to make sure I really tire myself out tonight…”

“Did you remember your umbrella today? I guess it doesn’t matter; I plan on making you twice as wet tonight.”

“It’s a slow day at the office, want to play truth or dare?”

“I’ve managed to work up quite the appetite since you left, wanna do (me, over) lunch?”

The Kinky Text

For people who enjoy kinkier sex, setting up your roles and the scene can start well before you’re even in the same room.

“Which says ‘naughty schoolgirl’ to you, black or white panties?”

“The handprint you left from spanking me has almost faded…when can you come over?”

“Let’s play Simon Says. Winner gets to be Dominant tonight.”

“I’ll only wear 3 things tonight including a vibrator. You pick the other 2.”

A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words…

Sure, you could send a naughty selfie (taking necessary precautions of course) but why not be slightly more creative with it? Take a series of pictures that clearly paint a picture of what you’d like to be doing.

Start with a picture of part of your body, then a picture of your clothes (or lingerie) on the floor, maybe your favorite sex toy laid out, then a picture of your steamy shower. If they don’t get the hint, they’ll definitely be excited to fill in the blanks when they get home!


There not be a formula for the perfect flirty text, but if you wouldn’t want your sex life to be formulaic, then why would you want your sexting to be? With these ideas for tone and flirty games, you can infuse your own sexy secrets and inside jokes for foreplay that starts well before you enter the bedroom.

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