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8 Habits of Couples Who Are Having Amazing Sex

Sex, nay, amazing sex, is something we all deserve. And if you’ve ever been in a relationship, you can probably attest to the fact that the first few months are pure bliss. That honeymoon phase, when you just can’t keep your hands off of each other, and life is but a dream.

However, if said-relationship continues, the frequency of romps in between the sheets almost always starts to slow down as you learn to become more comfortable with one another on other levels.

Then again, wouldn’t it be great to be on the same wavelength as your partner, able to communicate and stimulate each other on all levels whilst maintaining an amazing sex life? Surely so!

What Are the Habits of Couples Who Are Having Amazing Sex?

Today, we’re going to look at which factors are associated with more satisfying sexual experiences in couples, and habits that both have, ultimately leading to amazing sex beyond the honeymoon phase.

Are you in a long-term relationship and want to know how to keep that sexual spark alive and burning bright? 

1. Sex is Broadly Defined

For many, sex equals p in a v… but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sex is intimacy, foreplay, penetration, and whatever else you want it to be. Couples who have amazing sex are open to exploring each other and negate the idea that sex equals penetration. There is no magical number of times you have to have sex per day, week, or month, but healthy exploration and loving expressions of lust can indicate that a couple is in a good place.

2. Knowledge = Power

Just like above, where couples broadly define the word ‘sex’, couples who are having amazing sex are also open to, and take part in, researching sex and sexuality. For example, they may take the time to learn about erogenous zones, different ways to stimulate their partner, new acts of foreplay, new sex positions, as well as learn more about the anatomy of their lover. This can lead to more diverse sex lives and even more satisfaction.

3. Touch, One of the Most Intimate of the Senses

Couples who are having amazing sex use the power of touch to their advantage. They know that simple acts that include touch, be it sexual or non-sexual, has the ability to bring them closer together. For example, holding hands, cuddling, and deep kissing. All this helps to create a bigger connection and trust. Touch is also excellent to use during foreplay, such as tickling or massaging, as it takes the pressure off of penetrative acts and allows both partners to be more present and intimate.

4. Judgement-Free Zone

When couples can talk to one another about their fantasies and interests, and be open enough to communicate what they do and don’t like in the bedroom, they’re opening the gates to an incredible sex life. In other words, judgement-free communication is one of the biggest habits of couples who are having amazing sex.

5. There’s Always Time for Sex!

No two people are the same. So when one feels particularly turned on while the other doesn’t, or one partner has a high libido and the other has a low libido, it could equal a recipe for disaster. But there are various ways to work around mismatched libidos, and one of these ways is to actually make time for sex. By setting a date and time, you can prepare yourself for intimacy by doing things that make you feel aroused, allowing your mind and your body to be ready for sex. Things such as masturbating, watching or reading erotica, or even engaging in simple acts of foreplay like sexting or sensual massages.

6. Pleasure Shared is Pleasure Doubled

Couples who have great sex are rarely selfish partners. They like to give as much as they receive, and may even get extremely turned on when their partner is experiencing pleasure. In this way, it’s about experimenting and taking cues from your partner to know what really turns them on, and vice versa. It could also include participating in a partner’s fantasy or doing something together that you’ve really wanted to try. Of course, consent is mandatory.

7. Sexual Wellness & Sex Toys

Some people find using sexual wellness aids and sex toys to be intimidating. However, couples who are having amazing sex usually recommend it. Using sexual tools such as lubrication to ease vaginal dryness is not something to be ashamed about, it’s actually a lot of fun and can result in all kinds of slippery experiences. Another example is using a pillow to prop onesself up for deeper penetration. This isn’t embarrassing, it’s merely a way for both partners to have an excellent and satisfying time together. Then, of course, there are sex toys. These wondrous products can enhance your intimacy tenfold, help you find new ways of experiencing arousal, and allow for a bit of adventurous fun. Couples toys are great for even more intimate sessions and superb sex.

8. Orgasm isn’t the End Goal

For many couples who have amazing sex, achieving an orgasm isn’t the reason for sex, nor is it the end goal. These couples often enjoy the experience, imbibe the intimacy aspect, and don’t run to the “finish line” aka orgasm. Orgasms are great, indeed, but simply being with a partner, creating connections, is the perfect way to enjoy better sex and even bigger orgasms. Additionally, when orgasming isn’t the be-all and end-all, it takes away a lot of pressure that some may experience during sex. 

And so, for couples who are in long-term relationships and experiencing amazing sex, can you identify with these eight habits? And for those seeking a long-term relationship that’s filled with amazing sex, allow these habits to pave the way for excellent intimacy and lots of fun.