how your penis changes with age

How Your Penis Changes with Age

Time waits for no man. The same goes for his penis.

how your penis changes with age

As we all march forward into old age (yes, that’s ALL of us. Even you), you’re going to notice changes all over the place, including below your waistline. While you’re maybe worried about wrinkles appearing on your face and grey hairs on your head, spare a thought for your penis, your lifelong friend who is with you from day one to day done.

Because, of course, just like all parts of your body, your penis will bear the effects of time. However, if you’ve never considered them before, here we are listing the changes you can expect to see as you enter your autumn and winter years of life.

Change 1: Less T in your testes

From the age of around forty, your testicles will begin to produce even less testosterone than before. In fact, they will produce about one percent less per year after you enter your thirties. Testosterone is what helped your penis to grow to its full adult size and fuelled your sex drive throughout your adult life. With its decline, you may see your penis decrease in size, however the change is so small that you likely will not notice (sorry if you do, though). 

What’s more likely to make your penis appear smaller however isn’t shrinkage, but rather optics: Compared to your gut, which will likely become softer and larger with age, your penis is going to appear smaller. Is there a better reason to be exercising your abs?

Change 2: Going grey

The same way you might notice that you’re going a little silver around your temples, your pubic hair is going to start changing to reflect your age. That’s not to say it’s going to look like a powdered judge’s wig: It’ll happen slowly, if it happens at all. 

As you get older, the amount of melanin your body makes will begin to decrease, meaning weaker hair colouration or disappearance altogether, which is where your greys come from. When it happens, however, (in your 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s) is totally dependent on your genes.

Change 3: Ball shrinkage

For the same reason that your penis may shrink (decreased testosterone), you will notice that your testicles lose some of their size as well. In fact, there are a number of reasons your testes may shrink, which could be down to injuries sustained in the past as well as a general reduction in blood flow. HOWEVER, if you’re feeling any discomfort or notice any abnormalities, definitely speak to a physician.

Change 4: Your sack sags

As with everything age-related, of course, gravity is going to take its toll. As you might notice in your advanced years, a more pronounced chin wattle that overhangs your shirt collar, your ball sack will also hang a bit lower than it did in your youth. As your skin begins to lose its natural elasticity, it’s only natural for this to happen, but much like a plastic surgeon can tighten the skin on your face, a professional can also give your scrotum a nip and tuck in order to scale back your sack.

Change 5: It just doesn’t work like it used to

You saw this one coming, right? With old age, strong erections like the ones you enjoyed as a younger person will be harder to come by. Due to the decreased testosterone your body is putting out, not to mention diminished blood flow that comes with old age, getting a hard, firm hard-on becomes more difficult as you age.

And even when you do get aroused, you may notice that it takes a longer time to reach orgasm, as your penis will be less sensitive than it was before. When this occurs, the answer is not to stimulate more vigorously. Your shaft skin is already thinner and it will become even thinner and weaker in your old age.

Luckily for guys, there are so many resources and medical advancements out there to help us ease into our autumn years with our penises pretty much intact.