Product Focus: MONA 2

If there’s one thing we’re known for at LELO aside from offering quality-assured and body-safe sex toys that feel as incredible as they look, it’s for having curves in all the right places. And if you’ve got a taste for the curvy type, then let us introduce you to MONA 2, the G-spot vibe that is a favorite among aficionados of this erogenous zone.


This little beauty packs some serious power after being upgraded with a revved up motor, a fully-waterproof exterior and some of the softest silicone LELO has ever used on any of their products.

But details aside, let’s get to the most important detail of all; how does it feel? Judging by the reviews we’ve read about our MONA 2, it feels awesome enough that blogger Epiphora wishes she owned 2 of them.

So to the questions ‘does it look good?’, ‘does it work?’ and ‘does it feel good?’ can be answered ‘yes’, ‘yup’ and ‘HELL YES’, we’ll share a little secret with you – it’s just as awesome for clitoral stimulation as it is for its intended G-spot vibin’, and that’s what we call 2 toys for the price of one!