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The Lady in Red – An Erotic Story of Sensory Deprivation


In the following short erotic story, two people are drawn together by their passion for art and other pleasures of the senses. Read on… Regina could hear the ...

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Hogtied – An Erotic Story

Hogtied Erotica

In this erotic fiction, a shy playwright offers hands on direction to a stubborn leading lady on stage… Vivian Lord was the hottest actress to grace the big ...

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The Shop Girl – An Erotic Story

the shop girl - erotic

In the following erotic story, a shy young man finds out the quiet shop girl from his local bookstore is not nearly as quiet as she seems… Cole ...

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Bases Loaded: Excerpt from an Anthology of Erotic Stories


The following is an excerpt from ‘Bleacher Bums,’ an erotic story by Oleander Plume that is part of ‘Bases Loaded,’ which  compiles twelve seriously sexy short stories that ...

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The Best Sex Toys to Use in Public


There’s something about having sex in public (even if you live in a place where public sex is legal) that is irresistible to thrill–seekers and the more-reserved of ...

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The Silent Disco

Silent Disco

They say the best place to hide something is in plain sight. If that’s true, then is the best place to say something secret in a room full ...

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Getting Away With It

Erotic Story Hula Beads

The restaurant faced the ocean, just steps away from the sugar pink sands of their beach-side retreat. She had played his bikini-clad surfer girl under the South Pacific ...

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Using Wireless Vibrators… In Public!


Since the dawn of man, it’s been a dream that we have kept like a glowing red coal clutched in the cradle of our hearts; that one day, ...

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