Freya Haley Female Energy

The Art of Activating Your Female Energy with Freya Haley

Do you feel stagnant with your sexuality? Or unable to relate to the unrealistic representations of masturbation in pornography? I think it’s time you reconnected with your female energy. Pleasure can be meditative, and Freya Haley takes us on a journey of self-discovery and love.


Put your hands on your lower belly (otherwise known as your second chakra) and begin taking in deep breaths. Your hands are reflecting the power of your belly back to you. Feel the physical breath and sexual energy flow in and out of your body. Drop further and further into your belly energies. Awaken your positive sensuality by swinging your hips in a figure eight and forwards and backwards motion. This will help you physically and mentally become vulnerable and in-tune with your sacred pleasure.

Take your pants off! If you’re wearing any to being with of course. Clothes can be physically restraining, so unwrap the gift that is your physical being and get comfortable. If you’re in for a little challenge, try wearing anything but pants for an entire week and see if this affects your sexual energy flow. Also remember that feeling feminine sometimes has absolutely nothing to do with how you look or how you’re expected to act. It’s your body, and you know how to channel its potential best.


If you’re looking to intensify your pleasure experience, you can incorporate toys like the SONA, which is an unconventional clitoral massager that uses sonic waves to pulsate more than 75% of the clitoris, both internally and externally. Manifest your intentions into your yoni (vagina) and lower belly. Freya Haley visualizes a fire at the tip of the clitoris to represent the growing and intensifying sexual energy. Squeezing your perineum, or the skin between the vagina and anus, can help channel and intensify the mini brain that is your clitoris

While men can deplete their sexual energy through excessive masturbation, women benefit the more they orgasm. Orgasms can lead to enhanced creativity, spiritual and emotional connection, and can also reduce stress and insomnia. Don’t be afraid to stimulate all the senses. If there are certain silky fabrics or decadent scented candles that make you feel more feminine, harness that girl power.

Freya Haley Female Energy


How often do we prioritize someone else’s happiness over our own? Masculine energy can be very penetrative, while female energy is very receptive, but that doesn’t mean that your energy is in any way submissive. Indulging in your sensuality is not a guilty pleasure because you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking time to focus on yourself. We spend little time in introversion which can seriously throw us off balance. 

Think of your life like one big web, and if you’re pulling too hard on one string it will affect the tension on another. Reconnecting and bring harmony to your female pleasure will nourish your self-love and help you have better intimacy with a partner, because after all, loving yourself is the foundation to loving others.

In fact, we need this “me time” to combat the toxicity of external validation that is expected from us. Female pleasure can remind us that the only validation we need comes from within. And let’s keep it real, it can be a bumpy road. We’re only human, and being human means we endure trauma, and ecstacy, and high high’s and low low’s. Self-reflection and discovery are an opportunity to heal and regulate these personal and collective patterns.