Using BRUNO for Mind-blowing Prostate Massage

Are you an absolute beginner when it comes to butt-play, looking to chase the dragon, so to speak, when it comes to anal pleasure? Or are you a prostate pro, AKA an ‘old hand of the prostate gland’? Whether you’re just graduating to greater pleasures when it comes to prostate massage or you’ve felt like you’ve done it all by now, you’re in good – nay, great – hands when BRUNO enters your life.

Getting Started

As with any anal pleasure item, you’re going to want to start slowly; work your way up to it with a finger or a smaller toy before introducing BRUNO’s reassuringly sized tip to your anus. No matter what you’re using as a warm-up, always ALWAYS remember that a liberal amount of lube is never too much; apply some to the tip of your finger or directly to the tip of whatever toy you’re using to allow for easier and more comfortable entry.

Playing Solo

A toy like BRUNO is a ‘hands-free’ kind of anal toy, which makes it absolutely perfect for when you’re playing solo. While you’re wearing BRUNO comfortably within it surrounds your prostate with powerful vibrations both externally from your perineum and internally from your anus. Stimulating your prostate with BRUNO while using a masturbation sleeve is an absolutely toe-curling experience that comes very highly recommended from this author.

Going Truly ‘Hands-free’

It’s the kind of pleasure that many have chased after, but with BRUNO, it’s right there for the having; the ‘hands-free’ prostate orgasm. With patience (and again, lube), you can get yourself off without masturbating.

Author’s advice: while BRUNO is inserted, sit on 3 to 4 folded towels stacked on top of each other. The folded towels will provide a bit of give as you sit on them and gently grind BRUNO into your preferred position. Getting BRUNO to provide prolonged, focused massage on your prostate can bring you to a hands-free climax that you might need a moment or two to recover from.

Splash Around

BRUNO is completely waterproof, meaning you can wear it while taking an extra-indulgent soak in the tub on your own. However if you’ve got a starry night, a partner and a swimming pool hidden away from public view, then all the better. When paired with a detachable shower head though, BRUNO’s waterproof exterior really shines; tease your body with warm jets of water as you totally envelope yourself in waves of pleasure.

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