Available Now: SenseMotion Insignia 2 Design Editions

They’re here: SenseMotion Insignia 2 Design Editions – newly upgraded versions of the first-generation couples’ massagers under the SenseMotion Insignia banner. Tiani 3, Oden 2 and Lyla 2 feature all the same benefits that made the original SenseMotion™ Insignia collection such a success, but now come with additional performance upgrades that promise even more unforgettable experiences to be shared between partners.

The SenseMotion Insignia Design Editions boast 50% more vibration strength alongside a 3 times wider wireless range, meaning couples can turn on more varied pleasures than ever before – and the new features don’t stop there.
Learn more about Tiani 3, and Lyla 2, and check out our brand new how-to video for the Tiani 3 couples’ massager.