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Fall in Love: 6 Reasons Why Autumn is the Sexiest Season

Fall, particularly late fall, tends to get a short shrift when it comes to perceived sexiness. After all, everyone has gone back to school or work; we’re saying goodbye to nice weather and hello to rain, and aside from Halloween there aren’t a lot of festive celebrations that rely on titillation.

But, we’ve come up with 6 very good reason why autumn can actually be your sexiest of seasons, plus some ideas for making it happen that will make you hot under the collar!

1. The Temperature is Dropping

Sure, we may associate sultry summer heat with sexual tension and long nights of love-making, but it’s often just nostalgia as the mercury drops that makes us forget the flip side of high-temperature sex―namely the sticky sweatiness we feel even in the least active sex positions.

When it gets nice and cool, there’s nothing more we want than to snuggle up with someone to share body heat, and what’s more, you can more comfortably enjoy temperature play like using hot massage oil candles on each other’s skin!

2. You’re All Dressed up to Strip Down

While the summer months certainly make for some scandalously sexy and scanty outfits, there’s something to be said about stoking desire from what you can’t see. Fall weather means you’ll be layered up for warmth in comfy, clingy sweaters, yet not already so tightly bundled that you’ll have trouble getting out of all your clothes (or find the chill in the air means you don’t want to get naked at all)!

Check out our guide on how to pull off the perfect strip tease and look to some of the more muted, slow down tunes that tend to play at this time of the year instead of the pump up jams of the summer months.

3. Shorter Days Mean Longer Nights

The shorter daylight hours may bring some of us down, but we prefer to look at it as an opportunity to maximize our time between the sheets. After all, it’s surely getting too cold and wet to go out to see friends after cooking dinner, so why not cuddle up with a sexy movie?

And the weaker light and chill in the air come morning makes morning sex the perfect option to raise your body temperature high enough to brave the cold floor outside your duvet!

4. It’s Cuffing Season

Speaking of getting close and cuddly―fall is officially cuffing season.

What is cuffing season exactly?  As autumn turns to winter, both women and men―by about 5% and 11% respectively―become more interested in starting a relationship than casual sex.

Maybe it’s because our summer flings have become a distant memory, or we feel the need to start nesting somewhere cozy, but whatever the reason we’re on board. After all, slow and intimate sex can be extremely hot―and if hard and kinky is your thing, there’s no reason why ‘cuffing season’ can’t mean something a little bit different in your bedroom.

5. It’s Not the Holidays… Yet

After putting away the Halloween decorations, it isn’t too long until our thoughts are pushed turkey-ward for Thanksgiving (and then, just one month after, Christmas).  These holidays are associated with gathering with extended family around a large meal….along with which comes a lot of preparation and stress.

These few weeks beforehand are perfect for fighting stress through some sex before your house gets overrun with second-cousins, bickering in-laws, and screaming kids. Take a moment to truly practice some breathing exercises and be in the moment with your partner while you still can.  And hey, if you’re truly daring, start timing yourself for the fastest quickie possible, just in case the holiday stress gets to you and you’ll get to orgasm in between holiday shopping!

6. ‘Tis the Season to Treat Yourself

December will bring thoughtful gift giving, but November is all about deals―and nothing gets our blood pumping like hunting for a good deal!

Maybe Black Friday is a great time to get your Christmas shopping done if you’re very organized… but with amazing deals happening for almost the entire weekend, it’s no doubt that you’ll find a little something to treat you (and your partner) with!