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Infographic: 5 Reasons Why More Sex Helps Your Career

Did you know that the happiness you derive from sexual satisfaction can make you more effective at your job? That’s right; and we’ve got an infographic to prove it!

Having led the intimate lifestyle industry for almost a decade, we’re proud to celebrate the release of INA 2 – an upgrade on the now legendary INA rabbit vibrator – as well as the latest MONA 2 and ELISE 2 massagers. And if intense pleasures can also boost career prospect, it’s pretty special news we hope you’ll agree.

To put this graphic together, we collected data concerning work life and sex life to paint a broader picture of how more sensual play can help you get on with your working day, and even stretch your paychecks further.

So if you haven’t seen it yet, read on and enjoy the infographic below and as with everything, take pleasure in your work!

LELO Infographic - Getting On by Getting It On

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Katy Thorn is a post-grad writer with a passion for - and a history of - writing about sex, sexuality and all that it entails. She spends her time running, reading, writing and socialising. Katy has a cat named Feargal, she loves coffee and hates writing bios.

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