pregnancy sex positions

The Best Pregnancy Sex Positions You Need To Try

It’s fairly normal for women to feel extremely horny during certain parts of their pregnancy. Of course, with a changing body come challenges that might deter couples from enjoying sex the same way they did before pregnancy. 

pregnancy sex positions

But pregnancy sex can be great, and today we have even six best pregnancy sex positions that offer a comfortable path to mind-blowing orgasms for both partners. 

Is It Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Like with most things during pregnancy, it’s important to consult your doctor every trimester to make sure that everything is as it should be. Your OB-GYN will surely let you know whether it’s safe to have pregnant sex for you specifically, but for most women, pregnancy sex is totally safe

What Are the Benefits of Having Sex During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy sex, just like regular sex, comes with plenty of benefits:

  • It helps relieve stress
  • Helps improve mood
  • Sex is a good form of exercise (what better way to get in the required 150 minutes of weekly movement, right?)
  • It helps bond and connect with your partner
  • Increases blood blow which will help with glowing skin
  • It can help alleviate pain like headaches and cramps
  • Improves your relationship with your body

6 Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

If your doctor has given you the green light to enjoy sex during pregnancy, then you might want to start with these six pregnancy sex positions that are easy, comfortable, and offer great angles for stimulation: 

1. Spooning 

spooning sex position

This is the best pregnancy sex position that you’ll be able to enjoy from the first trimester to the very end of your pregnancy comfortably. Lying on your side takes off the pressure from your back, belly, and uterus, which allows for ultimate relaxation and pleasure during penetration. 

The bottom partner lies down on their side, bending their knees slightly, while the top partner lies behind them, curving their body to fit the bottom partner as they penetrate from behind. 

Spooning can be a very intimate position with tons of skin-on-skin contact, and it’s fairly easy to kiss as well. Also, this position allows for easy access to the clitoris, which is important as many women need external stimulation to climax. 

2. Floaty

floaty sex position

Another pregnancy sex position that’s very effective and comfortable is the Floaty. 

It’s very similar to the Cowgirl as the pregnant partner settles on top of their partner as they ride them. But instead of leaning forward for support and letting their legs straddle the bottom partner, they lean back and support themselves on leaning against their partner’s legs or the surface beneath them. 

This position offers a different penetration angle than the Cowgirl while still allowing the pregnant partner to have control over their movements, depth of penetration, and speed. 

It also offers great access to the clitoris so the bottom partner can use their hands to play with it, or the top partner can do that themselves, adding to stimulation. 

If you want to mix things up a bit, let the bottom partner do the penetration part. Instead of the top partner bouncing up and down, they lift themselves up a bit so that the bottom partner can penetrate them by thrusting their hips up. 

3. Scissoring

scissors sex position

Another great pregnancy sex position that offers comfort and allows the pregnant partner to take off the pressure of their back and belly while enjoying sex is Scissoring

The pregnant partner lies down on their side, with one leg lifted. The top partner will slide in between their legs, locking them together. It works with grinding on each other’s genitals or with the top partner penetrating the bottom partner. 

With Scissoring, you can easily add some sex toys into action, allowing for some extra external stimulation, or you can simply use your hands to play with the clitoris while your partner is penetrating you. 

4. Doggy 

doggy sex position

Doggy is one of the best pregnancy sex positions because it completely takes off the pressure from your belly, allowing you to enjoy this position up to the very end of your pregnancy. 

The pregnant partner gets on all fours while the top partner penetrates them from behind, having control over the depth and the speed of the penetration. Incorporate pillows to help hold yourself on all fours for longer periods and make things more comfortable. 

Doggy also allows the top partner access to the pregnant partner’s clitoris, as well as anus, so you can enjoy triple stimulation if that’s something you’re into. Also, it doesn’t have to be all P-in-the-V sex. 

The doggy-style position is also great for oral sex during pregnancy as well as anal sex, so feel free to experiment with different ways of enjoying your partner while you’re pregnant.  

5. Oral

oral sex position

Giving and receiving oral sex during pregnancy is totally safe and sound. If you’re not feeling like bothering with other types of sex but still want to enjoy an orgasm, then ask your partner for some good ol’ oral. 

You can enjoy oral in many different positions while you’re pregnant, so for the best results, experiment with a few different variations to find the best one for you. You can lie down on your back while your partner goes down on you, or you can sit on the edge of the bed or the sofa as they kneel between your legs. 

It’s important to keep in mind, if you’re giving oral to your partner, that your gag reflex might be more prominent because of morning sickness during the first trimester. 

6. Cowgirl 

cowgirl sex position

And last on our list of the best pregnancy sex positions is the Cowgirl. It is one of the best positions for pregnant women as the studies show that pregnant women report higher sexual satisfaction in this position during pregnancy. 

Being on the top, you have full control over your movements, the depth of penetration, the speed, and the type of stimulation you receive. When you’re on top, lean forward to help you with balance and being comfortable. 

Also, Cowgirl allows easy access to the clitoris, so the bottom partner can play with it, or you can bring in the toys and let the bottom partner control them as you’re riding them.