8 Sex-Themed Anniversary Ideas for Raunchy Couples

We’re not saying that these eight sex-themed ideas aren’t ideal for any day! But, if you and your partner or your friends with benefits are coming up on an anniversary of some sorts, these raunchy activities are not only unique and fun, but also super sexy. 

From staycations and seemingly innocent games turned dirty, to new ways of ticking off those sex bucket list items, here’s how to celebrate a naughty anniversary!

Sex-Themed Anniversary Ideas for Couples

1. Staycation Hotel Sex

Change is as good as a holiday. So when it comes to new places to enjoy a spicy rampage, hotel sex can be super erotic. A little staycation can go a long way if you do it right. 

There’s also the element of not having to worry about making the bed when you’re done, cleaning the space, or having to cook and do dishes. Basically, the drudgery of everyday home life is effectively removed.

It doesn’t need to be an expensive, swanky hotel—but if it is—you can order room service or enjoy activities such as a private spa. 

Staycation hotel sex could also involve floor to ceiling windows (with a view) to add in the element of perhaps being seen or ‘caught’. 

Alternatively, some countries have the option of booking ‘love motels’. These spaces are made purely from an erotic viewpoint, and you could get it on with ceiling mirrors, UV lighting, or a big bathtub. Some of these motels even have sex toys and sex prop vending machines!

Whichever kind of hotel or motel you go for, the change of scenery alone can prompt some super sexy times, and maybe even a bit of experimenting. 

2. Visit a Swingers Club

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re sexually curious or on the adventurous side, a visit to a swingers club can be a thrilling experience. It too can be a positive experience if you and your partner have open communication and are both interested in attending.

A swingers club is a place to be sexually free, but within your own limits. You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with, and even a simple visit just to check it out is totally fine.

Curb your enthusiasm, tap into your inner voyeur, and see what this kind of place evokes within you. You may love it or you may hate it. But either way, if it’s something you’ve been thinking about, why not give it a try?

The main thing with this is establishing some ground rules beforehand with your partner, though. Communication is key and will be the difference between making or breaking the fun.

3. Playlist Edging 

This is kind of a sex playlist of some sorts, but with a twist. Have one partner (or both!) create a playlist with the songs you like to ‘do it’ to. Then, when the music starts, so do you! 

What does edging have to do with it? Well, perhaps you could pick a specific part of a specific song, and practice edging. Edging is when one partner is close to climax, but then takes a step back to delay the orgasm. 

Have fun however you see fit, but try not to come until the allocated time… the one who can hold out the longest, wins.

4. Dirty Jenga

An innocent game of Jenga is tons of fun for parties, gatherings, or boring rainy days. But when it comes to lovers, this game can get very sexy.

Dirty Jenga entails writing sexual acts on each block so that when one is pulled out, the sexual act should be done. This is a great way to incorporate new sexual fantasies and ideas, and to do things that perhaps you wouldn’t ordinarily. 

Go from kissing to fondling and more, but essentially, it’s all down to the luck of the draw. 

5. Sex Bucket List Bowl

Do you have a bucket list? Want to travel to Turkey? Get a Guinness World Record? Everyone has something appealing to them that they’re keen to do before they die. But not all things on a bucket list need to be clean.

Take time to write out a sex bucket list, individually, on several pieces of paper (one idea per piece) and fold it up. Then, both partners will place their folded papers into a bowl, and mix. One by one, a partner can pick a note and see what’s written down in order to fulfill their or their partner’s sex bucket list.

You could also implement a veto system where each partner has three chances to deny the act written on the paper… just in case things get a little too crazy.

6. Erotic Treasure Hunt

Isn’t it great that the games we used to enjoy as children can be adapted into dirty adult games? And a treasure hunt is no different!

To have some kinky fun, one partner could create an erotic treasure hunt for the other. It could include little notes with dirty messages on them or sexual acts that you could enjoy. 

Alternatively, you could go ahead and hide different/new sex toys around the house/garden and when found, go ahead and do something sexy with it.

The possibilities when it comes to what items are being hidden are endless, so use your imagination and make it a night to remember.

7. Couple Play Toy Set

If it’s a gift you’re looking for to celebrate an anniversary, LELO is here to save the day with their Couple Play Set. This is a gift set that’s geared towards kinky and sexy couples, and comes with four different items that are perfect for a night in.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Tiani 3 Cerise: a remote-controlled couples’ massager worn by her during sex
  • Tor 2 Black: a vibrating couples’ ring worn by him that gives both partners additional stimulation
  • HEX Condoms: LELO’s revolutionary condoms that are the thinnest and strongest on the market today
  • Personal Moisturizer: a water-based moisturizer that can be used with your pleasure products or to simply use on your skin

8. Lovers Pack Sex Toys

Another gift set that screams erotica, the Lovers Pack is geared more towards men who have more below the belt, due to the bigger-sized condoms. The rest of the pack is also down-right sexy.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Elise 2 Plum: a dual-motor toy for her that stimulates both the clitoris and the g-spot
  • HEX XL Respect: LELO’s revolutionary condoms, in a bigger size, that are the thinnest and strongest on the market today
  • Tor Green: a vibrating couples’ ring worn by him that gives both partners additional stimulation
  • Personal Moisturizer: a water-based moisturizer that can be used with your pleasure products or to simply use on your skin

Ready to rock your anniversary with one or more of these sex-themed games and ideas? Heck, you don’t even need to wait for a special occasion to get playing! Why not try some tonight?