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The Importance of Time Apart for a Healthy Relationship

Time appart

When talking about healthy relationships, the general consensus is that ‘distance’ is a subject best avoided. But far from being the beginning of the end, a little space between you and your partner can actually bring you closer together.

The simple fact is, we all need a little me time; time to do all the stuff that you and you alone want to do, time to catch up with friends, time for you to get better acquainted with one of your favorite people – yourself.

In the animal kingdom, most pair-bonded, mate-for-life creatures still exist in packs, and healthy humans are no different; keeping your wider circle of friends intact throughout your relationship gives you a larger breadth of knowledge, experience and support both emotional and practical. In the extreme case of the extended long-distance relationship however, while it may be a difficult strain for both partners, very recent findings show that these phases in couplehood can be of benefit to both of you.

Besides, many modern relationships experts now advocate the idea that a healthy couple is made up of two independent people. We’re not suggesting the dreaded, ‘I think we need a break’ thing, however taking a step back can give you the chance to rediscover all the amazing reasons you fell in love in the first place.

So don’t despair if your partner says they need a little breathing room; play it cool, keep them guessing, and don’t let things get too comfortable. While it’s probably the oldest cliché in the book, it seems absence really does make the heart grow fonder, so give time a chance to shake up your emotions.

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