The intro to injaculation – Non-ejaculative orgasm

Ejaculation and male orgasming are so closely connected that most people don’t think about them as separate things. But they are, and learning how to master the control over your ejaculation can open the door to sexual mastery that will provide the world of pleasure for you and your partner(s).


What is the alternative to ejaculation?

By practicing an old Taoist technique called injaculation, a man can learn how to control ejaculation and retain semen inside his body. The important part is that it does not require you to abstain from coming, as most of us are not really cut out for that level of self control. Instead, it allows men to become multiorgasmic by shortening or removing the refractory period, the recuperation time after ejaculation in which it is not possible to achieve an erection. It also allows much longer sex sessions, which makes all the difference for couples in which one partner requires significantly more time to climax than the other.  

How is it done?

The essence of the technique is simple – you need to find the spot between your legs and press it in the exact moment of ejaculation. The spot, also known as “the million dollar spot”, is located in your perineum (between your scrotum and anus) and is basically a spot where the duct connecting the testicles to the urethra and penis passes through. If done correctly, you should orgasm without expelling any semen. The pressure usually adds to the pleasure and the orgasm feels strong, even though it also feels somewhat different due to the fact that the pressure of sperm stimulates the urethral nerve in the moment of ejaculation, adding to the familiar feeling of orgasm.

So what happens to my semen?

It depends on who you ask – western medical experts claim that this technique is nothing more than the retrograde ejaculation in which you redirect your semen towards the bladder instead of the penis. Taoist and other alternative sexologists claim that to be the case only if you fail to perform the technique properly, and if you get it right, the semen will be pushed back towards the prostate, and prevented to leave altogether. In that case, urine should remain clear in the next urination. Cloudy urine reveals semen in the bladder, which comes as the result of pressing the point too close to the scrotum.

What are the benefits of getting it right?

Taoism claims many diseases are caused by the loss of energy that occurs with frequent ejaculation. But to keep things on the skeptical and practical side, it allows you to avoid sudden loss of interest and erection, which is a benefit likely to be welcomed by any woman who felt unpleasantly surprised by the discovery of the post-ejaculative shutdown feature of male sexuality.

Are there any risks attached

Again, depending on who you ask, answers might vary. In contrast to the alternative sexologies, some scientific studies attach positive health effects to ejaculation frequency. However, no real negative side effects were reported by people practicing injaculation even though many people have been practicing it for centuries. In other words, if you are an otherwise healthy male, you can practice it as long as it feels useful or fun. But to stay on the safe side, do allow yourself to ejaculate every now and then (proper frequency is probably somewhere between once a week and once a month, depending on your age). If you have any issue with your reproductive health, do not experiment with alternative sexual techniques until you fully resolve it.

So it is as simple as pressing a button?

No. We should stress out that an attempt to attain any form of sexual mastery requires strong muscles of the pelvic floor and, above all, the pubococcygeal muscle, known simply as the PC muscle. You can practice it either by doing Kegel exercises while unaroused or during a sex act – either solo masturbation or any form of sexual activity with a partner. You can even practice while at work, maybe to lighten up the meeting in which your boss presents the unsatisfactory quarterly results of your department.

How strong is strong enough?

You should strengthen it until you feel you are able to suppress your orgasm even as you get real close to the threshold. Prolonging your orgasm this way will allow you to eventually come stronger, but also to choose the desired duration of your sex acts instead of having it dictated by the autopilot of your sexual response. Being in control of your body is what really allows you to focus on your partner’s body and, eventually, on mutual pleasure, which is what the game is all about.