First time using GIGI

My First Time Using: GIGI 2

Please enjoy this anonymous and erotically-charged review of GIGI 2 G-spot massager from a member of Killing Kittens, an exclusive sensual party network!

First time using GIGI

I have been a member of Killing Kittens for a while and love everything it stands for; the freedom to explore all my sexual boundaries in a safe environment is beyond exciting! I have been happily married for ten years but am and always have been a raging bisexual, so when I saw that KK were doing a girls-only Clittorati party at Hedonism, it was ‘Bye darling husband, this is something I can not miss!’

I booked the party and immediately joined the pre-party chat group—if this group of girls was anything to go by, this party was going to be beyond hot. The girls were stunning, all beautiful women of so many shapes and sizes; the photos, the chat, the banter…the most difficult thing about this party was waiting for the day to arrive (and of course, choosing what to wear).

The pre-party group had arranged ‘prinks,’ which a large group of us turned up too. I’m not sure what everyone else made of this group of sexy, seductively dressed women, who were so very tactile with each other, but it was our KK secret and the atmosphere was tinged with sexual tension. I knew this was going to be a night to remember.

Walking down the steps to Hedonism, there was an excited, nervous energy around. I had been chatting and flirting to one Kitten in particular in the groups and the reality of her did not disappoint. As we walked down the stairs she stroked my hand, so gentle but sending shivers down my spine. The connection in reality seemed as strong as virtual one and I couldn’t wait to kiss her soft full, lips.

As soon as we got into the venue, we grabbed a drink , and mingled some more. It was like the best girls night, the chat was great, the girls were hot, the anticipation of what was to come was high…it was perfect! The Kitten who had stroked my hand and had not let go of it since, noticed some toys laid out on the bar. The KK staff explained, these were from LELO, for us to try, to enhance our party experience. My Kitten asked me to choose one. I had heard great things about SONA, but wasn’t sure it would work for me, so I choose the pretty pale pink toy, it didn’t look too intimidating and it felt so good, and smooth. Like a kid in a sweet shop , I grabbed it, kissed my Kitten and declared it was time for fun!

We made our way over to the jacuzzi, which by now was full of playful Kittens, in all sort of positions, there was so much going on around us, twosomes, threesomes and moresomes! One lucky Kitten must have had at least 6 Kittens massaging and touching her.

My Kitten and I began to kiss, and woah is the kiss from a woman so different to a man, so soft, so sensual. As she gently traced my body with her fingertips, she turned on the LELO GIGI 2 toy. She took the flat edge and the vibrations on the lowest setting, placed it over my nipple while she kissed me and began to stroke between my legs. She teased me with her lips, fingers, tongue and then GIGI, moving it from my nipples to my thighs, enjoying every part of me, and I was lapping it up, like electricity running through my body. She turned up the vibrations and placed GIGI around my clit, changing the patterns of the vibrations, all at the same time kissing, licking and playing with me. Every time she thought I was close to orgasm she would pull away and give me some time to get myself back together, which was beautifully frustrating.

She then told me it was time for my first orgasm of the night, so she took some of the lube that had been laid out with the LEO goodies, and gently stroked me, then took the toy and started to insert it into me so very gently, it felt amazing—she felt amazing, her mouth on mine, her hands all over me, allowing me to kiss her breasts. I could feel the head of the vibrator pushing against my g-spot and as she turned up the vibrations to the highest and slowly rocked me on the GIGI, I had the most intense G-spot orgasm. The venue, the atmosphere, the GIGI, my Kitten—at that moment I was transported to orgasm heaven.

Once I had regained my composure, I kissed my Kitten and thanked her in my own way back. Thanks to my fellow Kittens, KK and LELO I had one of the best girly nights of my life!

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