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The Definitive Guide to Anal Sex: Your Every Question Answered!

Whether you’re an anal sex virgin, an aficionado looking for ways to further ramp up the pleasure, or have had a less than positive past experience that you’re …

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Rubbed the Wrong Way: Can You Masturbate ‘Too Hard’?

Today we’re going to talk about the sensitive topic of sensitivity, or rather, maintaining sensitivity. For women, we are going to center the topic around using vibrators and …

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Get it Together: The Best Toys for Erotic Coupled Play

Pleasure is multiplied when shared, and when you add a sex toy to the mix, it only increases. Not just for solo play, more and more couples understand …

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5 of the Sexiest Ways to Spend 5 Minutes (If That’s All You Have)

Time is precious, and while we like to believe that we can always make time for marathon love-making sesh, the truth is that often we just simply don’t …

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How to Make Sure Stress Doesn’t Doom Your Bedroom

Sex, with its rush of endorphins and other happy brain chemicals – not to mention the exercise you get – is a great way to relieve stress. Unfortunately, …

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Penis Perils: 8 Afflictions to Avoid!

Sensitive souls might like to look away now – particularly if they have a penis. Thing is, there’s a reason some guys call it their ‘crown jewels’: their …

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Confinement Confidential: Four Bondage Fetishes Unwrapped

Bondage comes in all kinds of flavors and forms. Contrary to popular belief, it needn’t be all spiked leather cuffs and ball gags. Instead, this deeply erotic practice …

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How to Introduce Sex Toys into Your Relationship

While some people may not be entirely familiar with the idea of using toys during partnered sex, anyone who already uses a sex toy for solo masturbation can …

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Clit Literate: Learning the Truth Behind an Anatomical Wonder

Fun fact: the word clitoris takes its name from the Ancient Greek for ‘key.’ That’s pleasingly fitting on a number of levels – not least because for most …

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Sex Toys for Men: The What, Why and How

Although there may be less of an abundance of sex toys for men as there are for women, that’s not to say that guys shouldn’t give them a …

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