Sex Toy Day Discreet Sex Toys

Sex Toy Day: The Most Discreet Sex Toys

You can imagine what a beautifully crafted sex toy on the coffee table can do for conversation starters, but we know that that’s not for everyone. We’re not ashamed that we masturbate, but sometimes we prefer to keep those intimate “self-love” sessions to ourselves.

Let’s not forget that these toys that are designed for targeted stimulation can be coupled with partner play or penetrative sex.

You don’t have to compromise intensity levels for less sound. You can still carry on with your sex life without having an awkward conversation with the other people that live in your house, you know, like your roommates, kids, or worse… parents.

Here’s our list of the best discreet sex toys, vibrators, and clitoral stimulators that are whisper quiet.

International Sex Toy Day falls on November 4th, which means getting your next discreet sex toy is the perfect resolution to the cold weather that’s approaching.

These quiet vibrators may fit in the palm of your hand, but they provide some big-time pleasure. We’re sworn into secrecy about the magic behind this clitoral stimulation technology and our lips are sealed, but yours won’t be *wink wink*.



The SONA family has easily become our best-sellers. The fact that it stimulates more than 75% of the clitoris (much more than just the tip of the iceberg) is the reason why. We’ve received countless messages from women saying the SONA has given them the best orgasm of their lives. We’re not exaggerating here and you can read the reviews on your own.

We’re including the newest SONA 2 in our discreet line-up because we’ve adapted the size of the soft silicone tip to produce a more whisper quiet motor.

Did we mention it’s 100% water resistant? Shower time just got a little more fun with this vibrator.


sila product aqua

While SONA was crafted for those who have a preference for deep, pulsating power, SILA was soon after created for those who prefer a teasing murmur until climax. Some even compare it to the feeling of real oral sex thanks to the super soft silicone.

It harnesses the same external stimulation technology, but with a modified head that sits wider on the clitoris. It also offers a lower vibration setting to gradually edge you to orgasm. Listen to your body and build your way up! Have fun exploring the many vibration speeds.

Pro tip: when you’re home alone, pair it with your favorite penetrative sex toy for extra stimulation. Now, that’s a vibe. Quite literally.



MIA 2 is a lipstick-style vibrator that’s debatably the most discreet in our lineup. Because it looks like an actual tube of lipstick, you can keep it in your purse or on your bedside table without the fear of someone finding it and realizing it’s your little secret.

It’s also USB-chargeable, which means no cables, cords, or charging docs required. It’s ready to tease wherever you please, because clitoral stimulation can and should be this easy.



This bean-shaped, ergonomically-designed discreet vibrator is one of our favorite little sex toys. The LILY 2 fits perfectly in your palm and has a nice, flat surface to stimulate the clitoris and surroundings.

You can play with it in the tub because it’s fully waterproof, or nestle it between you and your lover during missionary.

It’s also infused with delicious fragrances that, paired with your natural scents, make for one arousing mental stimulation. It’s so cute it makes other clitoral stimulators a little jealous.

And if you’re feeling extra frisky but not quite ready for anal penetration or butt plugs, these vibrating toys can be used on the anus for added sensation. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!



While the TIANI was originally designed as a couples’ massager to be worn internally and externally on a female to stimulate both partners, it’s turned into quite the versatile toy.

Because it’s worn internally and stays secure against the clitoris, this little thing can even be worn in plain sight for our exhibitionists out there. You can think of it as a g spot vibrator to go.

It also comes with a remote, so you can have some solo fun without anyone knowing, or let your partner control your fun. Besides controlling the vibration settings, the remote itself vibrates too!

Did we mention it comes in 24k gold? *heart eyes*

LELO Beads


These may look unconventional, but they are designed for women seeking stronger orgasms and can make for the best discreet sex toys to set the mood.

Maybe you discovered orgasming later in life, or have given birth to a few babies. If so, the LELO Beads were made with you in mind. The weights inside the balls roll around and create vibrations which cause your pelvic floor muscles to contract.

You can work kegel exercises right into your daily routine and stay stimulated throughout the day. And since they work off of kinetic energy and not a quiet motor, you can guarantee that they are whisper quiet.

Life’s a party, don’t let your privates miss out on the fun. Even if nobody knows you’re celebrating Sex Toy Day, throw a little get together with your favorite toys that are super quiet and don’t draw too much attention.

Whether you’re interested in a g spot vibrator, clitoral vibrator, or anal stimulator, LELO has you covered. Check out more sex toys for women!