masturbation facts for women

Fact Versus Fiction: Female Masturbation

While we’re certain you’ve been celebrating either way, it might be news to you that May is National Masturbation Month.
So in honor of the month of May, we’re here to shine a light on some commonly-held misconceptions of ladies’ self-fulfillment – pay attention, gentlemen.

“90% of women masturbate.”


In 1953, 62% of women admitted to masturbating. In 1979, that number jumped to 74%. Today, nine out of 10 women admit to pleasuring themselves, and two-thirds admit to masturbating at least three times a week.

Many sexologists believe that 90% rate has been consistent for decades, only the women of years past were conditioned to be secretive of their habits.

“Saliva is the best lubricant.”


While saliva is the body’s second-most natural moisturizer for masturbation (behind naturally produced genital lubrication), a recent University of Michigan study has found that women who use saliva as a lubricant for masturbation run a higher risk of developing frequent yeast infections.

According to the data, saliva can disrupt the balance of vaginal bacteria. For the safest, most-pleasurable lubrication sensations, try a water-based personal moisturizer.

“People who have regular sex masturbate less.”


We’ve all heard the lame, cringe-worthy “I don’t need to masturbate” from at least one of our friends. Well, it turns out they might be missing out on much more than the joys of self-fulfillment. While seemingly paradoxical, the more someone has sex, the more he or she tends to masturbate. In short, more masturbation means a more open view of sex.

“There are three types of female orgasms.”


While some might liberally dish out double-digit figures on this stat, blurring the lines between orgasm fact vs. myth, there are generally three kinds of climax a woman can achieve—clitoral orgasmvaginal orgasm and combination—combination being the simultaneous experience of both clitoral and vaginal.

As you can imagine, the combination orgasm was also the most difficult to attain—that is, until a certain rabbit vibrator came along.

“Masturbation is a natural pain reliever.”


While you’ve surely heard that orgasms are good for your health, let’s get down to some specifics. Women who masturbate regularly report relief from menstrual cramps, improved symptoms of PMS, including irritability and crankiness, and fewer headaches. In addition, masturbation is one of the most effective self-medicating stress relievers.

With less than two weeks left in the mesmerizing month of May, it’s not too late for some sensual exploring and getting to know one of your most pleasurable partners—yourself.