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What’s His & What's Hers -Disparity in Our Bedrooms

What’s His & What’s Hers: Disparity in Our Bedrooms

March 8th marks International Women’s Day, and the 2016 theme focuses on disparity between the genders, utilizing the #PledgeforParity as the rallying cry. While this disparity can often ...

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Get Tied Down -The 4 Best Positions for Using Handcuffs

Get Tied Down: An Illustrated Guide to the Top 5 Handcuffed Sex Positions

Handcuffs, be they silken and luxurious or plastic and fuzzy, are many people’s first introduction to bondage play. Whether you’ve since become more advanced, or are just looking ...

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5 Surprising Alternate Uses for Condoms

5 Surprising Uses for Condoms in and out of the Bedroom

Condoms are an amazingly effective (and sometimes, downright sexy) addition to pleasure that make for safer sex, but that’s not all they’re good for; just check out the ...

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Mistakes We Make in Bed

Mistakes We All Make in Bed (And How to Avoid Them)

If you’re expecting to find particular a blow job technique or sex positions in this article, we’re sorry; all of those small details are completely based on personal ...

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Terms of Entanglement: A BDSM & Kink Glossary

Terms of Entanglement: A BDSM & Kink Glossary

The world of kink can be a little intimidating to curious beginners, even before you get inundated with all sorts of new terms, slang and acronyms. Below, we’ve ...

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The Importance of Fantasy in Relationships

From the Experts: The Importance of Fantasy in Relationships

Fantasies, whether consumed through erotica, or in the form of dirty talk and role play, tend to be thought of as more important for ‘kinky’ people than for ...

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Your Heart’s Desire: 6 Different Ideas for the Ideal Valentine’s Day

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to romance so it would truly be impossible to recommend a single ‘ideal Valentine’s Day date idea without taking ...

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Top 5 Sexiest Ways to Put a Condom On

The 5 Sexiest Ways to Put a Condom on Your Partner

Condoms are sometimes looked at as an inconvenient necessity rather than a sensual part of your sex life ― but is that fair? There are plenty of reasons ...

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When More Means Merrier: Non-monogamy and Modern Love

When More Means Merrier: Non-Monogamy and Modern Love

Threesomes, “hall passes,” and swinging; these terms have been popping up with more and more frequency in the conversations of couples (and between friends) both inside and outside ...

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Paying Lip Service: Top 4 Cunnilingus Techniques

Our previous findings about oral sex, both from our oral sex mini survey and through the LELO Global Survey, have revealed some interesting (but perhaps not so surprising) ...

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