3 Solo Sex Positions for Pussy Pleasure

It’s not exactly a secret that we’re fans of feeling ourselves. Making love doesn’t mean that we need others to make love with. After all, self love is one of the best ways to connect with yourself and make you more in tune with your sexuality. Masturbation can even help you recover from heartbreak by checking in both physically and mentally. Channel that inner pussy power by exploring these solo sex positions.

Oral On Demand

While both giving and receiving oral sex are some of our favorite ways to reach climax, the main drawback is, well, usually you need another person present. All this changes with the ORA™ 2, an oral sex simulator that gives you the sensation of better-than-real oral sex in a toy that looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s perfect for lying back on a pile of pillows or in your bathtub to indulge in oral pleasure that leaves nobody with a sore jaw… well maybe you from moaning. Melt into an oral fixation with a moment of genuine bliss.

Stand Up for Stand Out Pleasure

For the high demand of waterproof sex toys, we don’t hear much about women standing up when they masturbate, but it’s high time that changes! An extra leg up, either with your foot against the wall as you lean backward, or up on a stool or the side of your tub as you stand unassisted, this position lets you put that extra pressure that you may desire for an extra intense sensation.There are a ton of G-spot vibrators that are great for this position, both for external clitoral or internal pleasure. One of our favorite ways to use them is actually when standing and leaning forward against a wall with our bent knee pressed against the wall (with foot resting on a low stool) so you can push against the massager to better hit the G-spot.

Rocker & Roller

In a society where man-spreading runs rampant and unquestioned, sometimes you just feel like sitting yourself up in a big, badass chair and letting yourself feel like a total boss. When you’re craving this confidence, we have a solo sex position for you which you can use in a variety of ways, like on the sofa while watching Fifty Shades of Grey, in your home office chair fantasizing about a work romance, or in one of our favorites: a large rocking chair. Paired with the SIRI™ 2 handheld massager, which has a music-activated massaging mode that is perfect for putting on a sex playlist and getting down at your personal party.