penis sleeve

What’s a ‘Penis Sleeve’?

When some men deal with the effects of erectile dysfunction or desire penis enlargement without medication or invasive procedures, they will turn to penis sleeves. 

penis sleeve

What’s a penis sleeve?

Most commonly, a penis sleeve is a rigid-but-pliable sheathe that goes around and over a semi-hard penis during sex. It serves three purposes:

1. It adds firmness to the penis: when worn, a penis sleeve will encase a penis that cannot get fully erect to make penetrative sex easier or possible. 

2. It can be a penis extender: a penis sleeve can provide some extra length to better please a female partner. It may also feature ribbing and textures to provide greater pleasure during sex.

3. It prolongs lovemaking: for men dealing with premature ejaculation, a penis sleeve can make them last longer by partially covering their penis to decrease some sensations of lovemaking.

What do penis sleeves look like?

Penis sleeves can come in a few different styles. Some penis sleeves are closed at the end to cover the entirety of the penis, including the head. Meanwhile, others are more indicative of their name and only go over the shaft of the penis, providing a framework to keep a soft penis rigid during penetrative sex. 

Do they work?

The best penis sleeves on the market have hundreds of glowing reviews from satisfied users, leading us to believe that they do have benefits to those who use them. So whether or not they ‘work’ is more a question of ‘do they work for you?’

As long as users enjoy them, we will go so far as to say that yes, penis sleeves work. However, they can be considered to be just a band-aid and not a treatment for the reasons one might wear a penis sleeve, like Erectile Dysfunction or premature ejaculation as mentioned previously.

How do you use a penis sleeve?

Penis sleeves are super simple to use, as they tend to just go over your erect or semi-erect penis. The only part that can be considered ‘difficult’ is choosing the right one. When you’re shopping for a penis sleeve (most likely online), it’s very important to know your penis measurements to ensure a good and comfortable fit. 

Cheap penis sleeves to be found online may only be available in one size however searching out a penis sleeve made from a reputable manufacturer, you will see different models available in a wider range of sizes to cater to more users’ needs.  

When it comes time to use your penis sleeve, applying it will be a matter of just placing it over your penis, or fastening it around the shaft, depending on the kind of sleeve you’ve chosen.

Are there any downsides?

Yes and no. While they do help people with Erectile Dysfunction to have penetrative sex, they don’t address the underlying causes or provide any solutions for what is causing their erectile dysfunction. Penis sleeves aren’t entirely useful to those who want to add size and girth to their penises while not experiencing any effects of ED, and those users should remember that penis size isn’t all that important anyway when it comes to pleasing a partner.

Rather than focusing on the size of one’s penis and any downsides they’re perceiving in that department, one should put more effort into pleasing their partner through foreplay or oral sex before going through the process of buying a new penis sleeve.