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Sex And Astrology, What’s Your Zodiac Pleasure Maker?

Working for a sexual wellness company sometimes has its perks. For example, you get to spend a couple of hours consulting astrology websites and researching personality traits of the signs of the zodiac. Whether you believe in this, or not, it’s a fun way to present the products and judge if a certain toy is the right fit for you based on your preferences in sexual relationships.

There’s a quiz you can take (remember, it’s just for fun!) and see which our toys would be the best fit for you based on its zodiac sign. If you’d rather not waste 5 minutes of your time solving quizzes while you’re at work, check out all the results below!

Taurus – LELO Mona 2

taurus mona

Oh my, oh my, oh my, there is a reason Mona 2 is a Taurus. Sensual and all-around irresistible, Tauri like to take their time and experience sex through all 5 senses. Simultaneously gentle and intense, Mona 2 will show you how to satisfy both sides of your personality. She can take you to the highest peak in a matter of minutes, or she can tease and please you for hours on end. When it comes to solo-play, it’s dealer’s choice and don’t we love it.

Virgo – LELO Lily 2

virgo lily

Precise and calculated, Virgos are measured and attentive, reserved until they are confident they have thoroughly analyzed their partner. Once that’s out of the way, all barriers drop and pleasure becomes the ultimate objective. Subtle, refined and attentive, just like Lily 2. Don’t let their guarded manner deceive you, let them get to know you a little better and enjoy the mindblowing results.

Capricorn – LELO Gigi 2

capricorn gigi

Naturally cautious, Capricorns will want to get to know their partners before moving forward with the physical part of the relationship. They seek emotional connection above all, but once they know exactly where they stand, they won’t have any trouble letting go. It’s no wonder Gigi 2 is a Capricorn – it takes her a while to get to know your body and pinpoint your G-spot in just the right way, but once she’s set her course, she’ll keep you busy all night long.

Aries – LELO F1S

aries f1s

Passionate and filled with desire, those born under the Aries sign prefer spontaneity and action. They seek to control and dominate, and definitely don’t like to be kept waiting. F1S in the hands of a male means control over his orgasm, establishing dominance over one’s own body at the mere press of a button. Put in the hands of an Aries female, it turns into the perfect tool for new-age control-play or even stamina training. Ever heard of edging?

Leo – LELO Billy 2

leo billy

Led by their ego, Leos are the light of every party, including the one in your pants. They thrive on attention and praise and consider sex as the stage to showcase their envious abilities. Leos are open to new experiences, as long as they play to their strengths. Billy 2 might look unassuming, but once you feel those rumbly vibrations deep within your body, admiring its envious abilities will pretty much be the only thing you will be able to do.

Sagittarius – LELO Ina Wave

sag ina wave

Often dubbed as the most adventurous sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius is playful, open and very easy to like. They don’t play games, unless we’re talking about sex games, naturally. Spontaneous, thrill-seeking and prone to experimentation, Sagittarius is the only sign that completely fits the unique personality of Ina Wave. She seduces with unexpected sensations and experimental moves that offer toe-curling orgasms. Returning to your average toy after a night spent with Ina Wave will prove challenging indeed.

Cancer – LELO Ora 3

cancer ora

Governed by emotion, Cancer is seeking emotional intimacy and steers more towards gentle sensations and romantic encounters than one-night-stands and rough sex. Much like Capricorn, Cancer will shed its fear and shyness once they feel comfortable and secure. Then, you’ll finally be able to experience their deeply erotic side as they completely give themselves away. Ora 2 has a shy start as she tentatively tests your sensitivity levels. Once she’s confident she’s got it all down, she will gently coax you to one orgasm after another.

Scorpio – LELO Loki Wave

scorpio loki wave

Most intimidating of all the signs of the zodiac, Scorpio is mysterious and poses a daunting challenge when it comes to love and sex. At least at first. Peeling back the layers of intrigue and dispersing their aura of intimidating intensity will let you witness the raw ball of sexual energy that lies beneath. To Scorpio, there are no taboos, there are no inhibitions and there is no shame. Loki Wave appears challenging, but once you shed your fear of anal stimulation, you’ll discover new levels of the meaning of the word carnal.

Pisces – LELO Tiani 2

pisces tiani 2

In tune with their surroundings and deeply empathetic, Pisces feel best when they share a deep emotional connection with their partner. Once they feel secure in the relationship, Pisces can be incredibly seductive and open to experimentation (if they feel it’s good for the relationship in general). Tiani 2 will take your average sexual encounter and make it *more* – more intimate, more interesting and definitely more fun. It will make both of you feel like you’re sharing not only new physical sensations but a spicy secret that will make you even more connected as a couple.

Gemini – LELO Soraya 2

gemini soraya 2

Mischievous tricksters, the mercurial Gemini love playing games. They’re thrill-seekers and fond of experimentation so for them, sex should be light and fun above all. They enjoy the thrill of the chase, prolonged sensations and losing themselves in endless waves of pleasure. Soraya 2, much like her sign, has two sides to its sinuous body. She loves to play and tease, but once she’s sure she’s got you in a quivering mess, she’ll let you finally reach your climax. What can we say, except sweet, sweet torture?

Libra – LELO Sona 2

libra sona 2

Seductive and elusive, Libra is a tricky lover. They are picky and specific in their tastes, but also enjoy chasing their love interests. For them, it’s all about beauty and balance – they’re prone to falling in love with the idea of their partner and end up disappointed when they don’t love up to their expectations. They’re in love with love, but rarely let themselves be seduced. Sona 2 can give you the most intense orgasm of your life, but it will get dull after a while. She wants you to learn how to tease yourself, how to chase after pleasure, how to enjoy dancing on the edge of an orgasm before plunging into its depths.

Aquarius – LELO Hugo

aquarius hugo

Intellectual and free-spirited, Aquarius can be unpredictable in their affections. They need to be mentally stimulated before letting themselves be seduced. They’re willing to act on their wild impulses and let themselves plunge into experimentation with their partner, but that doesn’t mean they will ever commit. Unconventional and electrifying they could take you on an amazing sexual journey. Hugo will make you question your sexual habits and make you want to experiment with different positions and pleasure patterns, with or without a partner. He will try to break you out of the conventional mold and show you the world of possibilities he hides in his rumbly vibrations. Let him.