Zodiac compatibility

Written in the Stars? Let Your Zodiac Sign Reveal All

Whether you strongly believe in the power of the zodiac sign, or you merely think it’s a bit of fun, there are some undeniably accurate traits of each individual that align with the day you were born.

How this works is, each zodiac sign belongs to one of the four elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. And each element dictates the type of energy that a person contains and exudes.

In this way, one can discover themselves and their partners more intimately – their strengths, weaknesses, emotions, and fears.

Zodiac compatibility

Are you Earth, Fire, Water, or Air?

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

If you belong to the Earth element, you are realistic and grounded, but also emotional. You have the ability to be there for the ones you love through thick and thin.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Those of the Fire element are passionate and complex. If you belong to this element, you’re quick to choose anger but equally as able to forgive and forget. Fire signs are always in-the-know. They’re creative, self-aware, and intelligent.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

If Water is your zodiac element, it means that you are extremely emotional and sensitive. You love to love, and you love intimacy. You can be somewhat reserved but you always go above and beyond to support the ones you love.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

People in the Air element love open communication, socializing, and are rationalists. They enjoy reading books, learning, philosophy, and giving out advice. But they can, at times, be superficial.

Zodiac Compatibility: Are You and Your Partner Destined to Be Together?

Aries in Love

Aries are passionate and confident, but hold childlike characteristics when it comes to their mood.

They’re exceedingly flirtatious and appear quite wild, making those who are romantically interested in them on the continuous mission to tame them.

They’re bold, ready to make the first move when interested in someone, but they continuously seek a partner that can keep up with their energetic and sometimes unpredictable lifestyle.

An Aries can date many people easily, but when they love – they love hard and it is for life.

Aries in Sex

Just like their adventurous personality, an Aries loves to explore and get up to all kinds of exciting things in the bedroom. They love a challenge and consider their sexual experiences as conquests.

They also love the chase and to flirt, which for them is a kind of sexual foreplay. But when it comes to actual foreplay in the bedroom, an Aries would prefer to skip it, seeing penetrative sex as the main act.

They’re more sexual than emotional, and have a no-nonsense approach when it comes to getting what they want.

Taurus in Love

Taurus are sensual beings who consider physical attraction to be very important. They’re guarded individuals who rarely show all of their cards, but if you can win over their heart – they’re all yours.

A Taurus isn’t so much flirtatious and they don’t enjoy beating around the bush. They would prefer having intellectual conversations with their prospective partners.

They’re self-aware and have the ability to read others well. For that reason, don’t try to fool a Taurus because they will probably see right through you.

Taurus in Sex

For a Taurus, sex is very important. They’re sensual lovers and really want to use all of their senses to enjoy physical intimacy with their partners.

This emotionally-strong sign prefers sex with mentally strong individuals – ones that have depth. In this way, they like to continuously explore and learn more about their partners in bed.

They want to connect on all levels, which means that insecurity is a big turn off for a Taurus.

Gemini in Love

Being in a relationship with a Gemini can get somewhat exhausting, because they’re continuously on-the-go, ready for new challenges and adventures. But for those who too enjoy this lifestyle, being with a Gemini is never boring.

A Gemini is quite hard to pin-down in a long term relationship because they love to seduce and be with new people. Romantically, a Gemini will lust after someone who is unpredictable.

They do have the capability of being in a serious relationship though, and when they are, they are very loyal. The biggest issue is catching a Gemini.

Gemini in Sex

A gemini doesn’t place emotional importance on sex. In fact, they prefer to enjoy intimacy in a carefree, fun, and adventurous manner. They see a strong emotional connection somewhat of a turn off. For that reason, a Gemini can have multiple partners without forming a strong bond.

They always enjoy the art of seduction which, for them, is almost equally as satisfying as any physical act.

Gemini’s love foreplay. They seek to prolong sexual activity for as long as possible, building suspense. They constantly seek new experiences, which makes them usually game for one night stands and other sexual exploits.  

Cancer in Love

A Cancer likes to put up walls when in love, but often get frustrated when their partner can’t understand them. They can however be very sensual and attentive in love, once they’ve found the right person to let their guard down with.

When in a relationship, a Cancer loves to vent. And sometimes, all they want their partner to do – is listen. They have a tendency to lash out when a partner tries to fix their problems.

They’re sentimental and oftentimes find breaking up extremely difficult, which causes prolonged periods of tumultuous arguments before finally ending things.

Cancer in Sex

For a Cancer, sex is the purest and most intimate way in which to show someone love and devotion. It’s a way in which a Cancer shows trust and loyalty towards their partner, meaning that they don’t sleep around carelessly.

They’re active givers in sex, and prefer to please above being pleased. They make for excellent sexual partners that leave great and long-lasting memories for their partners well after the encounter.

But, when a Cancer falls deeply, they expect fireworks from their partner, and find it hard to be satisfied without it.

Leo in Love

A Leo likes to love in the style of a fairytale-like something out of a romantic comedy. The mere idea of love is enough to give them energy and to make them feel vivacious.

But to love a Leo can be difficult. This star sign enjoys attention, and to feel powerful. They expect their partners to submit to them, so that they can feel dominant in their dynamic.

They love reassurance and to be told things that’ll boost their ego, and although they love furiously, they definitely like to take.

Leo in Sex

A Leo isn’t hard to satisfy. In fact, any sexual act in itself is enough to fulfill a Leo. Leo’s are one of the most vain of the star signs, which means that being with someone sexually fuels their ego. It is also their ego that drives them to be great and giving lovers.

A leo loves to be visually and audibly stimulated. They want to see and hear their partners reaching new sexual heights.

They’re confident in the bedroom, and will try almost any new experience – if they’re the center of attention.

Virgo in Love

A Virgo can be described as picky in love, as they want to be completely fulfilled emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Receiving anything less than that is undesirable for a Virgo.

This sign tends to be guarded, and doesn’t often give away their heart. They take things slow, making sure that their potential partner ticks all the boxes on their list.

When a Virgo does love however, they love with their whole heart. They place importance on honesty, and usually live by the expression, “What’s mine is yours”.

Virgo in Sex

Virgo’s may appear reserved, but they passionately enjoy sex. They see physical intimacy as a means to show love and devotion to their partner.

Because of their perfectionist nature, they’re looking for a certain kind of sex. They know what they want, and usually don’t have much space for adventure.

To satisfy a Virgo takes time, but once it’s done – it’s mind blowing. They like to give and receive, and if they truly love, will explore all of their partner’s desires.

Libra in Love

Libra’s are at their best when they are in a committed relationship. They have extremely high standards, and often seek out the perfect match when it comes to dating long term. This is because they are exceptionally well-groomed and like to take care of themselves.

Libra’s are all about balance. But their partners can sometimes take advantage of that fact because they have a tendency to be more submissive than dominant. They do however prefer more gentle and loving partners.

This star sign, at times, takes years to commit in an attempt to find the perfect partner. They’re overly-cautious and sometimes need a push in the right direction to make a big decision.

Libra in Sex

Libra’s are all about give and take. They enjoy balance and harmony, which means that both partners are usually very satisfied in the bedroom.

They don’t often follow power structures, and believe in equality in all senses of the word. If their partner appears more preoccupied with themselves, a Libra will lose interest and patience very quickly.

This sign doesn’t necessarily need to be with a long term partner, and has no qualms to search for a new mate should their current one disappoint.

Scorpio in Love

To be in a relationship with a Scorpio means passion and full-on romance. They love to flirt and seduce. And while they may appear somewhat mysterious and perhaps a bit shy, their partners will soon learn that they’re 100 percent in it to win it.

A scorpio likes to keep their cards to themselves until they’ve found someone to be in a long term relationship with.

When they do let their guard down though, one can rest assured that a Scorpio has truly committed.

Scorpio in Sex

Sex for a Scorpio is best when it’s sensual and lustful. They enjoy intense trysts and want to find the perfect partner in which to open up fully to. They’re, in a sense, bursting at the seams to reveal themselves to someone.

This star sign loves to experiment and is open to various kinds of kink. They’re usually on a quest to find the most satisfying sexual experiences.

A Scorpio has the magical ability to take their partner on an emotional rollercoaster, while appearing cool, calm, and collected.

Sagittarius in Love

A Sagittarius is hard to decipher, as they rarely have a type. Instead, they’re open to the possibility of love and new relationships at any time. They refrain from judgement and don’t categorize people too quickly. They enjoy getting to know people on an intimate and individual level.

This star sign likes to follow the traditional way of dating, but also has a great wit and sense of humor about them. They love to get dressed up and enjoy fun and interesting events with their partner, and they’re usually extremely intelligent.

A Sagittarius is soberingly honest, and often doesn’t engage in emotional drama. They like to solve problems and put them to rest in order to enjoy a satisfying and happy relationship.

Sagittarius in Sex

A Sagittarius is not often seduced by lust, making them somewhat difficult to attain. But this trait makes them even more desirable to a potential partner. They love the aspect of longing and delayed gratification.

During physical intimacy, this star sign may seem distant or not-in-the-moment, which can be frustrating for their partner. But this is simply because they find the act of love making a distraction. This does not mean that they cannot be seduced fully, falling into passionate trysts.

A Sagittarius will reach peak interest when their partner wants to try new and different things in the bedroom.

Capricorn in Love

When a Capricorn is in love, they’re 100 percent committed. They understand the dynamics of a relationship, and know that it comes with good and bad. They are realists, which means that their perception of romance is sometimes not favorable.

When they do love however, they are generous and engage in compromise. They prefer traditional dating as opposed to surprises or new experiences.

Capricorns are often strong believers in monogamy. They tend to spend all of their time and energy on their partner when in a new relationship – which is oftentimes a cause of annoyance for their friends and family.

Capricorn in Sex

A Capricorn has the ability to appear calm and collected, but on the inside, they’re hot blooded. They associate sex with love, so when they are with the right partner, physical intimacy has the potential to exceed all expectations. This is because a Capricorn finds it difficult to trust.

This star sign tends to reveal themselves quite well, and their partner will know exactly what they want. They’re not big fans of being spontaneous and adventurous lovers, because they’re creatures of habit and enjoy following rituals.

A Capricorn can appear more dominant in the bedroom, which sometime is misconstrued as selfish. And while this may lead their partner into believing that they have a kinky side, this is often not the case.

Aquarius in Love

An Aquarius is an independent individual who takes this trait with them into their relationships. They like their freedom and dislike feeling trapped.

This star signs believes in having a strong friendship with the one they’re dating. This is because they’re social beings who make friends very easily, and find it to be the foundation of any good relationship.

They are attracted to mysterious partners, and love to explore them slowly as time goes by. They’re generous, but hard to pin down. When they do commit however, it’s always loyal and devoted.

Aquarius in Sex

If a partner show signs of repetition and routine in the bedroom, it’s a sure-fire way for an Aquarius to become bored. This star sign loves spontaneity and surprises during physical intimacy.

They’re unpredictable – making them quite exciting, but at times, frustrating to be with. But when they are passionate, they make sure to give and take equally. They care not only about personal satisfaction but also the sexual fulfillment of their partner too.

An Aquarius likes to try new things as to keep the element of mystery. They find themselves feeling very curious before intimacy, but after are said to be reclusive and pensive. But this is only because they like to engage in introspection, not due to lack of disappointment.

Pisces in Love

A Pisces loves to love. But they’re mysterious and somewhat addictive. They enjoy romance and adore having feelings of magic and fantasy.

This star sign is sensitive and nurturing. They’re always searching for the perfect partner, which is difficult as they rarely find one person who encompasses all of their needs and wants. They are often drawn to artists and those with a dark side.

A Pisces is usually able to move from a place of reality to that of fantasy. They can come down to earth or be whisked away by the thought of a fairytale happy ending. The realistic side of a Pisces makes it hard for them to commit however.

Pisces in Sex

A Pisces, by nature, is a giver. They are often focused on satisfying their partner above their own needs. And in actuality, they sometimes feel unsure of their ability to do so.

This star sign rarely takes initiative, but they’re usually very open and friendly which leads many to believe that they are great seducers.

They crave not only the body but also the soul when it comes to physical intimacy, and without both, a Pisces might feel unsatisfied. They’re searching for intoxicating sexual experiences while being sensitive to their partner’s wellbeing.

So, what’s the verdict? Do you feel that you are romantically and sexually compatible with your (prospective) partner? With these insights, you have the power to make or break your relationships…use them wisely.