Extreme Sex Practices

12 Extreme Sex Practices (You Can Decide for Yourself)

What is extreme sex? Well, extreme sex is…the truth is, we can’t really say. Or rather, what we think is extreme might not be extreme for other people. (And, conversely, a lot of what we consider ‘just another day at the office’ might be extreme for other people.) When it comes down to it, if people can think of it, get turned on by it, and find a way to healthily and consensually satisfy themselves, then ‘extreme’ and ‘weird’ sex practices will continue creating themselves.

In reality, sex acts get labeled as extreme by folks either to other it or to identify with it; either way, if everyone is having fun, then we certainly aren’t ones to judge! Here, we’ve picked a few extreme sex acts that you may or may not have heard of, but are probably curious about!

Extreme Sex Practices

1. 24/7 Dom/sub Relationships

Unless you’ve been living under a rock during the post-50 Shades world we find ourselves in (sometimes we wish we were under that rock) then you’ll probably have a passing understanding of what Dominant and submissive mean in the context of BDSM. Essentially, during kinky sex, a Dominant partner controls the scene while the other partner submits to this control—consensually.

After a scene, or encounter, most partners will drop these roles, indulge in a little aftercare and then go back to binge-watching Game of Thrones. However, some couples choose to bring their power dynamic play (which doesn’t always look strictly ‘sexual,’ even in the bedroom) into their everyday life and live ‘24/7.’ Every relationship looks different of course, but it doesn’t always mean wearing collars and receiving spankings throughout the day; rather it can just mean some fun daily challenges and sexting.

2. Pegging

Honestly, we do not see anything that weird about pegging. After all, many men greatly enjoy the pleasure and benefits of prostate massage, especially when shared with a partner. And, with playing the Dominant role being up there on the list of top women’s fantasies—not that topping always equals domination—then why not try strapping on so you can strap into some intense sex?

3. Double Penetration

Some might split hairs on whether ‘double penetration’ always implies a threesome or not, but either way, if you fantasize about feeling simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration, you can try it out all on your lonesome with your favorite sex toys. Just remember—toys used anally should have a flared base to prevent it getting ‘lost’ within you, and if you’re using your favorite rabbit MONA 2 as an anal toy, make sure to clean it thoroughly and/or cover it with a condom to prevent the transfer of bacteria if you later use it vaginally once more.

4. Electro sex

Think your sex life is electrifying? Well, there are some who like an extra undercurrent of danger, and they get it through electro-stimulation. While the extreme end of electro sex focuses on painful electric current, it has also become more mainstream with the use of toys designed much like TENS units you would get for physiotherapy. Whichever way you like to play, there are a lot of precautions to take, so always read the warnings and instructions to your instruments carefully, and definitely don’t attempt any DIY.

5. Fisting

Fisting definitely counts as extreme sex, even if it not all that uncommon amongst lesbian couples; it has reached almost ‘joke’ status, implying that many folks simply believe it’s actually a thing people do.

Let’s assure you that fisting can be a very enjoyable, and extremely intimate sexual act if done properly. Namely, make sure to pay mind to the following: hygiene, abundant use of lubricant and a leisurely pace, along with plenty of mental and physical foreplay!

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6. Vore

Vore is short for vorarephilia, meaning an erotic desire to be consumed, usually whole. Think, getting engulfed by The Blob, or a goat being swallowed by a boa constrictor. Since it’s not physically possible to take this kink out for a test run, most vorarephiles turn to depictions in video games, fantasy stories, and pictures, as well as the increasingly sophisticated CGI animations that would impress even those who wish to stay firmly unswallowed.

7. Figging

Figging’ sounds pretty cute, doesn’t it? The actual practice of figging, however, is definitely for those with a masochistic streak. Despite the name, no actual figs are involved in this sex act, rather, ginger root. A butt plug is carved from ginger root and inserted so that gradually the wearer will start to feel a tingling sensation that is definitely not for the faint of heart.

8. Sex Parties

Does the thought of going to a party where everyone has made it their goal to look as sexy as possible sound good? Well of course! What about attending with your partner and then winding up in an anonymous orgy with people watching?

The best thing about sex parties — is that that there are all levels of participation going on. You can do as little or as much as you like, whether that means diving in headfirst or just playing with the partner you arrived with.

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9. Sounding

Does ‘sounding’ ring a bell? A urethral sound is a medical device used to keep the urinary tract open in individuals who have an enlarged prostate. Maybe you can blame it on our fascination with sexy doctors and nurses, but pretty much anything that exists as a medical procedure can be fetishized, and this is no different. Given that it is a highly sensitive and crucial part of the body, combined with the need for completely sterile instruments and extreme care, sounding is probably one of the truly most ‘extreme’ sex practices on this list.

10. Bodily Fluids

From spit to sweat to semen and even vomit, bodily fluids are a fascinating source of sexual arousal. The truth is, bodily fluids are actually quite common in fantasies, but it’s important to distinguish that just because someone fantasizes about something doesn’t mean they desire it in real life. Regardless, this kink has a strong fanbase and these pheromone-exuding liquids represent a physical manifestation of pleasure. It’s a way that the body silently represents its thoughts, and we hear it loud and clear.

11. Pup Play

Don’t worry, this fetish has nothing to do with beastiality (which we totally don’t condone btw). Pup play is part of the dom/sub category and has everything to do with power dynamics that focus on growth and learning. Dominants often teach their pups new tricks with treat rewards. While this fetish isn’t for everyone, it appeals to those who need liberation from their everyday reality by entering a new headspace. It takes doggy style to a whole new level.

12. Breathplay

Breathplay requires restricting one’s access to oxygen to heighten their pleasure. This can be achieved in a variety of creative ways, from smothering someone’s face into genitals, to using gas masks, to wearing corsets. This type of play poses a lot of risks, and if it can’t be executed safely then it simply shouldn’t be done. While this is a controversial side of BDSM play, one thing’s for certain, this fetish will take your breath away.

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