Get it Together: The Best Toys for Erotic Coupled Play

Pleasure is multiplied when shared, and when you add a sex toy to the mix, it only increases. Not just for solo play, more and more couples understand the playful possibilities of using a pleasure item with their partner, so don’t miss out on all the fun: read on for some great suggestions for shared sensual experiences.

Just like us, couples’ toys come in all shapes and sizes in order to cater to our particular pleasures. Heck, some are even scented, while others are priceless. That being said, we’ve got a secret that, at this point, we feel we should share with you. Here goes…

Every Sex Toy is a Couples’ Toy

Hope we didn’t blow your mind there, but it’s a true and very obvious fact that any sex toy can become a sex toy for couples, simply by handing it over to your partner. So, from your favorite clitoral vibrator  to your go-to g-spot massager , any item you currently own for your own fun can be added to your shared sex life with very pleasurable results.

Less common, but certainly no less effective, are the toys that are designed specifically for use during coupled sex and here we will divide them into four categories.

Toys Worn Internally

Some of these couples’ toys are designed to be placed inside the vagina for internal and external (read: simultaneous clitoral  and G-spot ) stimulation, creating greater intimacy between partners while massaging the penis during penetrative sex.

Specifically, we’re talking about pleasure items like IDA , which vibrates and rotates internally to stimulate the G-spot – as well as the penis – with totally unique sensations. There’s also TIANI 24k, which features two motors – one that vibrates externally for clitoral stimulation, and one worn inside for internal, G-spot pleasure – both of which can greatly contribute to both partners reaching orgasm together at the same time.

Toys Worn Externally

When a couples’ toy is worn around the penis, the functions change somewhat. The most common type of this variety of couples’ toys is a cock ring. Worn around the base of the penis, cock rings gently constrict blood flow, and can provide a fuller, longer-lasting erection – and when the cock ring vibrates, then all the better, as these vibrations can stimulate the clitoris in the missionary or cowgirl positions.

Perfectly suited to this purpose are LELO cock rings like the classic TOR 2, which provides a powerful vibe that can be felt all throughout the shaft of the penis during sex.

Toys to Share – without Anyone Knowing!

Imagine this: it’s date night. You and your partner are sitting across from each other at the table. You’ve asked for the check, and are anticipating going home for an even more delicious dessert – but with a simple motion of your partner’s hand, you feel wave after wave of pleasure, right in the middle of the restaurant.

This is just one of the pleasurable possibilities that presents itself when you add LYLA 2 to your toy box. LYLA 2 is a vibrating bead that is worn inside the vagina, where it waits to be activated via remote control that, in the hands of your partner, can be used to control the intensity and rhythm of the vibrations just with a flick of the wrist.

Even without you and your partner physically touching, a toy like the LYLA 2 is not simply a couples’ toy – it’s a sensual secret between the two of you!

Accessories for Sensual Submission

We’ll also introduce some couples’ items that, while they don’t vibrate, are just as sensational when used with a trusted partner.

If it’s some light BDSM  you’ve got in mind, you can play within your submissive fantasies by incorporating an item like a sensual suede whip or even pleasure ties  that, when worn around the wrists with the other end draped over a closed door, allows you to give in to sweet surrender while standing up.

For every couple, there’s a toy that matches their particular pleasure. If you’re looking for further examples, be sure to browse LELO’s entire line of couples’ toys –  for more passionate play with your partner!

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