The LELO Ultimate Guide to Orgasms

The LELO Ultimate Guide to Orgasms

International Orgasm Day is quite possibly our favorite holiday―and we can’t be alone, since it is celebrated both on July 31st and on August 8th―so to celebrate we have created your ultimate orgasm information resource guide. Learn the what’s, why’s and all of the fun how’s to having an orgasm!

The LELO Ultimate Guide to Orgasms

What is an Orgasm?

An orgasm, strictly speaking, is the culmination of pleasurable sexual feelings that reaches an intense peak. It causes pelvic and vaginal muscles to contract, and in men is usually accompanied by ejaculation. Oh, and it also feels pretty darn fantastic.

Whether you have ever had an orgasm before or not, it can be helpful to know about the physiological aspects of orgasm, as well as the different types, so that you have more control about when and how you do climax.

Why Do We Orgasm?

We tend to put a lot of pressure and expectations on our sexual encounter, and this includes the idea that unless both parties orgasm, the sex wasn’t good. We know, of course, that that isn’t true. Kissing, for example, feels quite good, but does not make most people orgasm.  Sex is about exploring the sensations that feel good to you and your partner…which just so happen to often result in an orgasm.

While the jury is still out on exactly WHY we orgasm (particularly if separate male orgasm from ejaculation) there is no denying that it feels quite good―and may have some health benefits that go  along with it!

How Can I Orgasm?

Given that there are so few frank conversations about how one actually goes about having an orgasm, it can surprise many that there is no ‘one’ way to reach orgasm. People don’t all employ the same methods to reach orgasm (or the same tools!) because our bodies are all built to respond to sensation a little bit differently!

Can I Learn to Have Better Orgasms?

If you would like stronger or more frequent orgasms, you’re in luck! There are some methods to ‘training’ your pleasure which you can learn below.  It’s also worth noting that even if you are able to have an orgasm easily one way, it is worth teaching your body to orgasm from different types of sensation as well, or merely learning how to better control when you climax.